Public Relations Committee

Continuing committee


Dave Campbell - Chair/président(e)
Sohee Kang
Ex officio 
Hanna Jankowski
Lorna Deeth
Ex officio 

Terms of Reference


The Public Relations Committee was established as a continuing committee at a meeting of the Board of Directors on 31 May 1987.


Chair: Public Relations Officer.
Membership: A representative from each of the Regional Associations and the Statistics Education Committee. The Chair of the Census at School Committee was added at the October 2012 Board Meeting.

Terms and Duties:

In a report tabled at the meeting of 31 May 1987, the Committee on Enhanced Services recommended the establishment of a Public Relations Committee which "should be responsible for all SSC activities concerned with publicity, public relations and public recognition." The report recommended that "the responsibilities of the Public Relations Committee should be broadly interpreted", that "the Committee should monitor public debate on issues with important statistical implications, advise the Board through the President of public matters to which SSC should respond or contribute, and coordinate and implement actions on public issues recommended by the Board, including the preparations of news releases and position papers, the drafting of correspondence with newspaper editors, etc.", and that, "in addition to promoting SSC, the Committee should assume responsibility for promoting statistical education and the statistical profession in Canada."