Executive Committee

Standing committee


President Shirley Mills term ends 2024-06-30
President-Elect Erica E. M. Moodie term ends 2024-06-30
Executive Secretary Henrik Stryhn term ends 2024-06-30
Treasurer Wesley Yung term ends 2026-06-30
Public Relations Officer Rhonda Rosychuk term ends 2025-06-30
Meetings Coordinator Xin Gao term ends 2026-06-30
Past-President Bruno Rémillard term ends 2024-06-30

Terms of Reference


Old (last amended in 2008) By-Law 14.1 (pdf).


The Executive Committee shall consist of the President (Chairperson), the President-Elect, the Executive Secretary, the Treasurer, the Public Relations Officer, the Meetings Co-ordinator and the Past-President.

Terms and Duties:

The Executive Committee shall have the power to:

  • appoint the Editor of each publication of the Society, and the non-elected officers of the Society, in accordance with By-laws 11.2 and 17.2;
  • recommend to the Board of Directors policies and actions designed to promote the welfare of the statistical profession;
  • prepare and submit an annual budget for approval by the Board of Directors;
  • administer and, if necessary, modify the budget between meetings of the Board of Directors, provided that any changes are reported at the next meeting of the Board;
  • supervise investments;
  • discharge such other responsibilities as may be assigned to it by the Board of Directors.


According to the SSC Awards Guidelines adopted by the Board of Directors on 27 October 1984, the Executive Committee has the power to ratify the decisions of the Awards Committee with respect to the awarding of gold medals and plaques.

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