Committee on New Investigators

Continuing committee


Nathaniel Stevens - Chair/président(e)
Reza Ramezan
Hua Shen
Tolulope Sajobi
Jeff Andrews
Audrey Béliveau
Lam Ho
Marie-Pier Côté

Terms of Reference


The committee was first established in January 2007 as ad-hoc Committee on Young Investigators. By Executive decision, it was renamed as New Investigators Committee in April 2008. After a review of the Committee's activities, its term was extended to June 2010 based on their success in organizing events for and networking with junior researchers. In May 2010 its status was changed to “continuing” by the Executive Committee.


Chair: Appointed by the incoming President.
Membership: Six additional members in good standing, appointed by the incoming President. The members of the Committee should reflect the diversity of geography of the SSC.

Terms and Duties:

General Committee Objective:

To provide an open forum for junior investigators to network and discuss specific problems and difficulties that are typically met in the first years in academia, to unify efforts in resolving such issues and to voice their opinions on the operation of the SSC and, in particular, on how the SSC can help young researchers in the first years of their academic career.

Specific Objectives:

  • Organization of regional biennial workshops of junior faculty members and senior graduate students.
  • Organization of formal and informal get-together meetings during annual SSC and JSM conferences.
  • Organization of invited sessions and round table discussions specifically featured for junior researchers.
  • Development and maintenance of a website for the purposes of reporting the activities of the Committee and providing links to useful online resources on research and time management for recent graduates.