Lise Manchester Award Committee

Continuing committee

Committee Members: 

Mary Thompson
- Chair/président(e)
Tuesday, June 30, 2026
Ivan Fellegi
Monday, June 30, 2025
Charmaine Dean
Monday, June 30, 2025
Catherine Njue
Wednesday, June 30, 2027

Terms of Reference


The Lise Manchester Award was established at a meeting of the Board of Directors on 10 June 2007, and amended on 25 May 2008, 23 October 2010 and 24 October 2015.


Chair: Appointed by the incoming President.
Membership: Three additional members in good standing, appointed by the incoming President.


Committee members normally serve 4 years (i.e., 2 award cycles). 

Terms and Duties:


This biennial award commemorates the late Dr. Lise Manchester's abiding interest in making use of statistical methods to provide insights into matters of relevance to society at large.


The award recognizes excellence in state-of-the-art statistical work which considers problems of public interest and which are potentially useful for formation of Canadian public policy.


Any relevant statistical contribution occurring during the previous five years can be nominated for the award in a given year. Each nomination must be supported by a member of the SSC.


The award will be advertised in Liaison and on the SSC website at the same time that the Robillard award is announced. The deadline for nominations will be February 15, for work published or completed between December 31 of the preceding year and December 31 five years previously. Nominations are submitted to the Chair of the Committee at The SSC values and encourages Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in all of its nominations and awards. Please see the SSC guidelines on implicit bias (pdf).


A cash award of $1000 and a certificate. To be announced at the Annual Meeting.