What You Can Support

  • Areas of greatest need
    Support communications, outreach and special initiatives to help fulfill the Statement of Purpose of the SSC.
  • The SSC Endowment Fund
    Direct your donation to the endowment (permanent fund) to support the future of the SSC.
  • The next generation of statistical scientists

    Give to student-led activities and student awards, including travel awards
  • Statistical science educators
    ​Help to provide educational resources to enhance teaching and learning in the statistical sciences.  Possible examples include:
    • Census @ School
    • Curriculum development projects
    • Contests
    • Online learning
  • Promotion of the statistical sciences to the general public
    Boost efforts to communicate to the general public the importance of statistics to science and society, including projects on statistics in the media 

Ways to Give

There are several ways to make a monetary donation to the SSC.

  • If you have an SSC website account, you can use our online donation form. You do not need to be a member to set up an account.  
  • CanadaHelps and United Way are two ways that donations can be made without setting up an SSC website account
  • Send a cheque to:

    Statistical Society of Canada
    219-1725 St. Laurent Blvd.
    Ottawa, ON K1G 3V4
  • You may also make a donation as part of your online membership renewal

Tax receipts will be provided for all donations in the amount of $10 or more.

One-time and Monthly Options

When you are using the online donation form, you may make a one-time gift or a monthly pledge.

Gifts in Honour or in Memory

To make a gift in honour or in memory of someone, contact the SSC office.

Thanking Our Donors 

Annual Listing

  • Each year, all donors who have provided consent for their names to be published will be recognized in a listing in Liaison, our electronic newsletter. Note that donation amounts will never be published.   
  • Gifts made in honour or in memory of someone will also be listed.

Friends of the SSC

  • Anyone who donates $200 or more in a single year (and gives permission for their name to be published) will appear in a list of Friends of the SSC.