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Learn about the past and future of data analysis and statistics in Canada. Topics include the Victorian Statistics Movement and its effect in Canada, statistics and the computer revolution, and the emergence of data science. 


Jim Kalbfleisch


The SSC is saddened by the news of the recent passing of Jim Kalbfleisch. Jim helped shape the University of Waterloo's Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science and served as SSC President in 1984.



Dear members,


The SSC is again awarding travel supplements for students from Canadian Universities attending the 2017 SSC meeting. These awards are funded by the Society and six of its sections: Actuarial Science, Statistical Education, Biostatistics, Survey Methods, Business and Industrial Statistics, and Probability.

Awards will be given at the 2017 SSC Annual Meeting at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg for research presentations made by students. Awards will be given for oral and poster presentations. Entries will be judged on the quality of both the presentation and the underlying research. The awards consist of a certificate and a cash prize.