Census at School Canada

The Census at School Canada project opened on Labour Day for another year of Canadian students collecting information about themselves and comparing their class to students from across Canada and other participating countries.  Census at School is an international classroom project designed to engage elementary and secondary school students in statistical reasoning.

Census2016 poster

Dear Mr. Gambino,
I would like to thank you and your organization for supporting the 2016 Census.
With outstanding engagement from Canadians from coast to coast and unwavering support from local governments and community organizations, Statistics Canada achieved its best census ever.

SSC Board of Directors

A membership survey, conducted by the Strategic Planning Committee in the spring of 2014, offered members the opportunity to guide future directions of the SSC.  A major recommendation of the Strategic Planning Committee, chaired by Llwellyn Armstrong, was to construct a new website. I am proud to announce that this project, that has proven to be much more challenging than anyone had expected, is now nearing completion. 


Thomas Imbeault-Nepton from the Saguenay--Lac Saint-Jean region in Québec won Biostatistics Section Award for the 2016 Canada Wide Science Fair. In his project entitled "Éclaire ton attention!", Thomas looked at the comparative effect of different sources of light on sustained attention, which led to suggestions on the optimization of lighting that could help those suffering from attention disorder.


Welcome to the Statistical Society of Canada’s new website! Its unveiling happens to coincide with the beginning of my term as president, but I can’t take any credit for it. The numerous leadership decisions, along with some challenging discussions, were handled exceptionally well by my presidential predecessors. They, and the people who actually got the website up and running, deserve all the credit.