SSC Liaison Information

The Statistical Society of Canada (SSC) publishes SSC Liaison, a quarterly newsletter that advertises job postings, conferences, etc., in addition to news, committee reports and announcements for its 1100 members. Hard copies of every issue are also displayed in coffee and lunch rooms of academic, research and company departments across Canada, thus expanding the readership to many statistics/mathematics students and statisticians far beyond the SSC membership.

SSC Liaison Editorial Board

Editor: Larry Weldon

Associate Editors: François Bellavance, John Brewster, Angelo Canty, Edward Chen, Hugh Chipman, Thierry Duchesne, Christian Genest, Alison Gibbs, Nancy Heckman, Mary Lesperance, Peter Macdonald, Janet McDougall, T. Rolf Turner, Román Viveros-Aguilera,

Notice to Advertisers

SSC Liaison is published four times per year in November, February, May and August. Approximate deadlines for material are 15 October, 15 January, 15 April and 15 July, respectively. Bilingual material may be accepted up to 15 days later at the discretion of the Editor. Please send your material to

Advertising rates

  Per Issue Per Volume  
Outside Back Cover $800 $2400 (8" x 10.5")
Full Page $530 $1600 (7.5" x 9.5")
Half Page $330 $1000 (7.5" x 4.625" or 3.625" x 9.5")
Quarter Page $200 $600 (3.625" x 4.625")
Business Card $130 $400 (3.625" x 1.5" or less)
Position Vacant $200    

The above rates are for camera-ready copy.

  • Typesetting is available at a charge of $40 per quarter page.
  • French-English / English-French translation is available at 25 cents per word.
  • The Position Vacant ad must not exceed a quarter page, and we reserve the right to edit it to ensure compliance with this restriction. As recognition of this constraint, the charge for typesetting this type of ad is included in the cost.
  • For an additional fee of $50, your Position Vacant ad will also appear on the Job Ads page of the SSC website.

For more information or to place an order, please contact