How to submit newsletter articles

  1. Log into the site. If your password doesn't work you can request a new one.
  2. Add a Liaison article.
  3. Upload a Headline Image. These are usually landscape style images or banners. It’s ok if you don’t have one.
  4. Add article author(s). Check if the author(s) is/are already in the system with the option “Add existing node”.
  5. Add inline images and caption. These are usually photos of people mentioned in the article. The Editor will position it within the text later.
  6. Put the news item in the Body.  If you are pasting text into the box, use this button  to paste text copied from a word file, otherwise accents and formatting might be lost.
  7. Under “Newsletter Editor” select “Draft" if you need to edit it later. Select "For Review" if it's ready for the Editor(s) to review and edit. Once it's set For Review the Editor(s) will receive an email notification.

From there it will be formatted, translated and published!