SSC 2020 Case Study Posters

Case Study 1

Winner 1: from University of Alberta
Poster: Smoothers, harmonic autoregression, and gradient boosting for seasonal time series: Predicting hourly electricity demand in Ontario
Team Members: Xilai Fu, Danyi Liu, Ree Yang, Yijia Yu
Mentor: Matthew Pietrosanu


Winner 2: from McGill University
Poster: On-line Bayesian prediction of hourly electricity demand for the residential sector in Ontario
Team Members: Victoire Michal, Paritosh Kumar Roy, Dirk Douwes-Schultz
Mentor: Dr. Alexandra M. Schmidt


Honorable Mention: from University of Toronto
Poster: From time series models to neural networks: predicting energy usage in Ontario
Team Members: Amin Kharaghani, Huiyan (Ashley) Mao, Michael Prashad, Shuting Lou
Mentor: Dr. Wendy Lou

Case Study 2

Winner 1: from Carleton University and University of Waterloo
Poster: Forecasting iTunes podcast popularity out-of-sample: using in-sample validation for longitudinal and matching method
Team Members: Melissa Van Bussel (Carleton), Dylan Spicker (Waterloo)
Mentor: Dr. Song Cai


Winner 2: from Memorial University of Newfoundland
Poster: Predicting podcast popularity in iTunes
Team Members: Inwook Back, Shu Li
Mentor: Dr. Zhaozhi Fan