Benefits of Individual Membership

The Statistical Society of Canada (SSC) is the main national non-profit charitable organization in Canada devoted to education in the statistical sciences in the broadest sense. By becoming a member you help us develop the profession of statistics throughout Canada and you join a community of dedicated volunteers and passionate professionals.

"I've been an SSC member for nearly 30 years. It's a great feeling to be connected to statisticians across Canada. I have learned much about my profession through interactions with other SSC members. I've made good friends. I know that this is a community I can count on to help me be a good statistician."

Membership benefits include:

●    Access to a vast network of colleagues with similar professional interests to yours through participation in SSC committees, as well as in the activities of Sections or Regional Associations;
●    Free electronic access to The Canadian Journal of Statistics, presenting leading research papers in statistics and probability;
●    Access to mailing lists that provide information about job announcements, SSC activities, and other relevant topics;
●    Access to professional accreditation status, A.Stat. or P.Stat.; application for this status is separate, but SSC membership is compulsory; with this status comes access to Accreditation Services such as mentorship, webinars, book clubs, etc.
●    Discounted rates for people who have paid their SSC membership dues for the current year by the time of the registration for our Annual Meetings, the Joint Statistical Meetings, and the ASA Conference on Statistical Practice;
●    35% discount for books from Wiley;
●    Support for awards recognizing excellence in Canadian statistics;
●    Voting rights in the SSC election.

Recent SSC initiatives and achievements:

●    spearheading the creation of the Canadian Statistical Science Institute (CANSSI) that supports research in the statistical sciences
●    informing public stakeholders of the impacts of changes to the long-term census
●    advocating on behalf of the community as part of the Long Range Plan for Research in the Mathematical and Statistical Sciences consultation by NSERC
●    maintaining the Census at School program in Canada, which engages middle and high school students throughout the country.
●    advocating with the federal government and decision-makers at the granting agencies for support of research funding in all disciplines and support for postsecondary students through participation in the Canadian Consortium for Research (CCR)
●    educating parliamentarians, decision-makers and other leaders of the significance and importance of Canadian research and innovation to economic development and society as a whole through the Partnership Group for Science and Engineering (PAGSE)

SSC pillars:

●    furthering educational initiatives at all levels
●    developing the professional interests of statisticians, probabilists, and data scientists
●    educating an interested public in the use and importance of the statistical sciences in Canada.