Membership FAQ's

●    I am joining the SSC in the middle of the year for the first time. Is the membership valid for a year? 

  • SSC membership runs from January until December. New (first-time) members joining the SSC after July 1st get complimentary membership for the rest of the current year and their fees are applied to next year. 

●    I forgot my email address or my password 

  • If you forgot your email address or the latter is unrecognized, please email the office ( with your full name to request this information. Do not create a new account! 
  • If you forgot your password, click on the LOG IN tab and select Request new password 

●    I got a renewal notice by email, but I already paid this year. 

  • Reminder emails are sent on a monthly basis, so if you received more than one notification since you paid, please log into your SSC account to check your status and make sure your payment has been processed. 

●    Can I split payments? 

  • Members must normally pay their dues in one installment. Contact the SSC office for an arrangement. 

●    I don't see my renewal for accreditation. When is it processed? 

  • Renewal for accreditation is processed at the same time as the membership renewal. You must pay your dues for both at the same time. 

●    When is the renewal period? 

  • The membership committee identifies three periods for the purpose of renewal: early renewal, renewal period and grace period. 

■    Early renewal for year X takes place in the third and fourth quarters of year X-1 (i.e., from July 1st until December 31st).  

■    Regular renewal period is in the first quarter of year X, i.e., from January 1st to March 31st. 

■    Grace period: second quarter of year X, from April 1st to June 30th. 

  • Current members get an email with an invitation to renew their membership at the end of the year (November-December). Regular members who renew during early renewal usually receive a rebate. 
  • Discount rates for the annual meeting and other conferences in year X are only given to people who have paid their dues for year X. 
  • Current members who paid their dues in year X and renew online after July 1st get their payment applied to the membership for year X+1. 

●    I am an accredited member. How can I pay my accreditation dues? 

  • If you are already accredited you must also renew your Accreditation at the same time as your Membership, because you will not have access after you have renewed your Membership. 

●    I want to join a section or a regional association, but I already paid my membership dues. How can I proceed? 

  • If you want to participate in a Section or join a regional association via the SSC, you must register at the same time as you join the SSC or renew an existing membership. Unfortunately, you cannot join a section once your application has been processed. Please contact the regional associations directly if you want to join them. 

●    I was a member in year X, but did not pay my dues for year X+1 before July 1st. What happens? 

  • As of July 1st, your membership is now "expired".  When you renew after this date you will be billed for two years of Membership, and Accreditation (if applicable). The system won’t however let you pay more than one year worth of membership for section(s) and regional associations. 

●    I have not paid my Accreditation dues and/or for the current year and it is now September. What happens? 

  • You are not allowed anymore to use the A.Stat. and P.Stat designation and must appeal to the Accreditation Appeals Committee should you wish to be reinstated. Consult section H of the Accreditation documentation

●    I used to be a member of the SSC a long time ago, but I let my membership lapse. I want to join the Society again: what happens? 

  • Please use your former credentials if you were a member to renew; if you do not have an online account, proceed to create one. 
  • Former members (i.e., those who were not members in year X − 1) who join back the SSC after July 1st of year X are given complimentary membership for year X and have their dues counted towards year X + 1. 

●    I would like to benefit from the reduced rate for residents of designated countries: am I eligible? 

●    I would like to benefit from the reduced rate for students: am I eligible? 

  • This membership category is available to full-time students only (more than 18 credits per year). 

●    I would like to benefit from the recent graduate rate: am I eligible? 

  • Individuals receiving their university degree in year X can be associate members (recent graduates) in years X + 1, and X + 2 only. For example, if you receive your degree in November 2016, you can claim the recent graduate rate for each of the following membership years: 2017, and 2018. 

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