SSC Statement of Purpose

The Statement of Purpose of the SSC is to advance the knowledge and education of Canadians concerning statistical sciences and related fields. Please find below an abstract from the Articles of Continuance (Page 4 of the Certificate of Continuance). 

The Statement of Purpose governs the activities of the SSC and supersedes the previous Mission Statement, copied below: 

The mission of the Statistical Society of Canada is to encourage the development and use of statistics and probability.

To achieve this, the Statistical Society of Canada shall:

  • help to develop a public awareness of the value of statistical thinking and the importance of statistics and statisticians in Canadian society;
  • work to ensure that decisions affecting Canadian society are based on appropriate data and valid statistical interpretation;
  • promote the highest possible standards for statistical education and practice in Canada;
  • promote the development of statistical methodology;
  • promote a sense of community among all statisticians in Canada; and
  • provide a forum for the exchange of ideas between theoreticians and practitioners of statistics.