Board of Directors of the SSC

Board of Directors 2021-2022

Executive Committee

President: Grace Yi, University of Western Ontario (term ends 2022-06-30)
Past-President: Wendy Lou, University of Toronto (term ends 2022-06-30)
President-Elect: Bruno Rémillard, HEC Montréal (term ends 2022-06-30)
Treasurer: Patrick Brown, University of Toronto (term ends 2023-06-30)
Executive Secretary: Susie Fortier, Statistics Canada (term ends 2024-06-30)
Public Relations Officer: Dave Campbell, Carleton University (term ends 2022-06-30)
Meetings Co-ordinator: Nadia Ghazzali, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (term ends 2023-06-30)
Regional Representatives
Atlantic Region
Michael McIsaac, University of Prince Edward Island (term ends 2022-06-30)
Wilson Lu, Acadia University (term ends 2023-06-30)
Paramita Saha Chaudhuri, University of Vermont (term ends 2022-06-30)
Cody Hyndman, Concordia University (term ends 2022-06-30)
Johanna Neslehova, McGill University (term ends 2023-06-30)
Denis Talbot, Université Laval (term ends 2023-06-30)
Edward Chen, Statistics Canada (term ends 2022-06-30)
Zeny Feng, University of Guelph (term ends 2022-06-30)
Kelly Burkett, University of Ottawa (term ends 2023-06-30)
Zhihui Liu, UHN Research (term ends 2023-06-30)
Manitoba - Saskatchewan – N.W.T. – Nunavut
Yang Zhao, University of Regina (term ends 2022-06-30)
Melody Ghahramani, University of Winnipeg (term ends 2023-06-30)
Alberta - British Columbia - Yukon
Linglong Kong, University of Alberta (term ends 2022-06-30)
Jinko Graham, Simon Fraser University (term ends 2023-06-30)

Appointed Officers 2020-2021

The following Appointed Officers are normally invited to attend all meetings of the Board of Directors but do not vote.
Executive Director: Shirley Mills, Carleton University (term ends 2022-12-31)
Electronic Services Manager: Angelo Canty, McMaster University (term ends 2024-06-30)
Editor of The Canadian Journal of Statistics:  Fang Yao, University of Toronto (term ends 2021-12-31)
Managing Editor of The Canadian Journal of Statistics:  Bouchra Nasri, Université de Montéal (term ends 2023-12-31)
SSC Executive Editor of Statistics Surveys: Richard Lockhart, Simon Fraser University (term ends 2023-12-31)
Editor of Liaison:  Adam Kashlak, University of Alberta (term ends 2022-12-31)


See also the complete historical list of the Board of Directors.