President's Message

Tuesday, November 15, 2016
Jack Gambino

Well, it has been a very busy few months for our Society: continued development of the website, planning for next year's meeting in Winnipeg, preparing for the fundraising drive, ... the list goes on! Allow me to elaborate on these. 


The new website was launched at the end of June, and there have been many improvements, both visual and substantive, since then. But the biggest changes are taking place in the areas that are not visible to us. The developer, Kasuwade Solutions, has been busy setting up the backend processes and databases that will handle everything from memberships and conference registration to donations and committee memberships. The first time most of us will see the impact of these changes is in the next few weeks when we each renew our SSC membership.


We are always on the lookout for items that will be interesting to our members, so if you come across one that you think should appear on the website "carousel", please suggest it to our Public Relations Officer, Dave Campbell, or to the SSC office at You can send your comments about the website (formatting issues, typos, accolades) to


The SSC's next Annual Meeting will be held in Winnipeg from June 11 to 14 at the University of Manitoba, where Canada's first statistics department will be celebrating its fiftieth anniversary. Erica Moodie is coordinating the scientific program and Alexandre Leblanc is the local arrangements chair. The scientific program is largely complete. Please see the November issue of Liaison for details.


Let me close by saying a few words about the first annual fund drive, which was covered in detail in the August issue of Liaison. In the past few months, members of the Executive
Committee, as well as people in other committees and sections, have been looking at proposals that may be funded using your contributions. Many worthy ideas have been suggested, and we have been busy working out the implementation details for some of them. A summary of where we stand can be found on pages 5 and 42 of the November issue of Liaison. A successful campaign in this first year will provide a solid foundation for future ones, allowing our Society to better fulfill its mission. I encourage you to review the SSC's mission statement on the website for inspiration!


Jack Gambino

SSC President


[A longer version of this message is available in the November 2016 issue of Liaison.]