The sixth Annual Canadian Statistics Student Conference

McGill University, Montréal, Québec
Saturday, June 2, 2018
CSSC / CCÉS 2018
We are happy to announce that the sixth annual Canadian Statistics Student Conference (CSSC) is currently open for registration and accepting abstract submissions for poster and oral research presentations on statistical topics and applications.
Many reasons to register!
  • A keynote speech by Professor James Hanley from McGill University 
  • This is a great opportunity to present your research to a friendly audience
  • Several prizes will be awarded, including:
    • CMS-SMC Undergraduate Poster Competition Awards (150$ each)
    • Best Posters of the SSC Student Conference Awards (150$ each)
    • Best Oral Presentations of the SSC Student Conference Awards (150$ each)
    • Abstract translation prize  
    • Travel Awards of up to 200$!
  • This conference is 100% geared towards engaging students with
    • a statistical workshop on reproducible research led by Sahir Bhatnagar, PhD candidate from McGill University
    • career presentations delivered by well-established statisticians
    • a skills session on mental health in grad school
    • a networking wine and cheese event at the end of the day
    • ​… and much more!
Important information for abstract submission
The abstract submission deadline is March 1st, 2018. If you plan on submitting an abstract at both the annual SSC conference and the CSSC, note that you are not allowed to give the same presentation at both conferences. 
New: We encourage French-speaking attendees to give their presentations in French with slides in English. Furthermore, students submitting an abstract in both languages (English and French) will be automatically registered to win a prize for abstract translation. 
CMS Undergraduate Poster Competition: details
The student conference is a good opportunity for undergraduate students to present their work and improve their presentation skills in a friendly environment. Undergraduate students who submit an abstract for a poster will be eligible to the CMS-SMC Undergraduate Poster Competition Award under the following conditions:
  • submit an abstract for a poster, presenting research work you have done under the supervision of a faculty member;
  • your supervisor must send an email to, confirming their involvement in the submitted work.
How to register? How to submit an abstract?
  1. Follow this link to create an account at (if you do not already have an account with the SSC) and register to the SSC Annual meeting 
  2. The registration for CSSC is done through the registration form for the Annual Meeting of the SSC; the registration fee for the student conference alone is 60$. Once you signed in at the link above, you can fill the registration form for the main Annual Meeting and indicate that you register to the student conference (at the bottom of the form), but it is not mandatory to register for any other activity related to the main Annual Meeting: it is possible to fill just the student conference part if you do not want to attend the main Annual Meeting
  3. Please do not submit your abstract for the CSSC through the link above (the abstract submission for the main Annual Meeting and the student conference are independent and we will not receive your abstract if you do so). Follow this link to submit an abstract for CSSC. You must have registered to the CSSC (steps 1 and 2) prior to submitting an abstract.
Students from Canadian Universities can apply to travel awards (up to 200$) through the CSSC abstract submission form, in third page.  

For any other question, please write directly to the organizing committee, at: