CSSC 2018 Mental Health Session

Josée Sabourin

Josée Sabourin is a therapist in learning support at the Student success support center at University of Montreal. She is interested in the psychological issues related to learning, especially concerning graduate students: she accompanies them in their learning process, leads workshops and develops places for discussion at the university, including discussion about mental health issues in academics and stress management strategies at the master’s and doctoral level.

Angélique Desgroseilliers

Angélique Desgroseilliers is an orientation and career development consultant at the Université
de Montréal’s Student Support Center for Student Success. Focusing on the socio-professional integration issues of graduate graduates, she designed and runs a series of workshops to better prepare these graduates for the determination of their professional goals in relation to their skills developed and their career aspirations, as well as in the development of targeted career-specific market exploration strategies that they wish to build.

Tim Guimond

Dr. Tim Guimond is a Clinician-Researcher at St. Michael's Hospital and is currently pursuing a PhD in Biostatistics at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto. Tim’s educational background includes medical school at the Johns Hopkins University, a psychiatric residency at the University of Toronto, where he also completed a Masters of Science in Statistics. His research interests focus on semi-parametric Bayesian statistical techniques applied to problems of causal modelling and cost-effectiveness in the fields of HIV, psychotherapy and substance use disorder research. He is a lecturer in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto and provides clinical care and teaching on substance use and mental health topics.