2009 Annual Meeting in Vancouver

2009 Annual Meeting in Vancouver

Special Presentation 

Beaumont, J.-F.(2009) A New Approach to Weighting and Inference for Samples Drawn from a Finite Population

Proceedings Papers 

Andrews, J.(2009) Changing the Methodology from Generic to Detail Allocation for Incorporated Business Tax Data

Babyak, C., Alavi, A., Collins, K., Halladay, A., and Tapper, D.(2009) The Methodology of the Police-Reported Crime Severity Index

Berg, E. and Fuller, W.(2009) A SPREE Small Area Procedure for Estimating Population Counts

Bohossian, N., Daoust, P. and Gauthier, S.(2009) The Sample Design of the Quarterly Survey of Financial Statstics: Review And Improvements

Carrillo-Garcia, I. and Kovacevic, M. (2009) Some Issues in Estimation for Population Projections using Microsimulations

Chen, Z. and Mantel, H.(2009) Logistic Regression Analysis Using Complex Survey Data with Misclassification in an Ordinal Covariate

Claveau, J., Lothian, J. and Gauthier, S.(2009) Rent Component of the Consumer Price Index

Collins, K.(2009) Spatial Modelling of Geocoded Crime Data

Frolova, O., Fillion, J.M., and Tambay, J.L.(2009) Confid2: Statistics Canada’s New Tabular Data Confidentiality Software

Gaudet, J.(2009) Recent Improvements to Statistics Canada’s Business Register Industry Autocoding Process

Hidiroglou, M. and Patak, Z.(2009) Estimation for Occupations Counts Using the Labour Force Survey

Kolenikov, S.(2009) Applications of Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods in Inference for Complex Survey Data

Oyarzun, J.(2009) New Methodology for the T1 tax data processing

Ubartas, C.(2009) Synthetic Data Files and PUMFs, Two Applications Taken from Post-Censal Surveys

Yeung, C.W.(2009) Challenges and Gains in Using Administrative Data in the Unified Enterprise Survey

You, Y.(2009) Area Level Modeling Approaches to Small Area Estimation with Applications

Yung, W. and Rubin-Bleuer, S.(2009) Small Area Estimation: A Business Survey Application