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Most of the people I studied with now work as “data scientists,” yet few would define themselves as statisticians in the classical sense of the term. The Data Science and Analytics section is thus a welcome addition to the SSC family and I am happy to report that already 120 members have joined it, making it the second most popular SSC section after biostatistics. Thanks are due to the initiators and to the inaugural committee for putting the section on its feet. 

The committee on membership has been looking into ways of improving members experience and ways of convincing members, particularly students, to renew their membership. We will be updating the list of benefits on the website to make access to the Canadian Journal of Statistics easier. In 2014, the strategic planning committee circulated the results of a vast survey of our members who listed the “intangible benefits” as being prime factors for membership: “Respondents most valued the current SSC benefits of advocacy on their behalf, outreach in the education sector, and access to a large network of colleagues.” (Liaison, vol. 28, no. 4, p. 35). We want to make these intangible benefits of the SSC more concrete to newcomers by including examples of leadership throughout the years and testimonials on our website. To this effect, we would be glad if you would agree to share your experience as a member with us using this form; comments and testimonials are welcome.




Léo Belzile

Chair, committee on membership

Monday, May 25, 2020

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