Liaison Vol. 31.3 June 2017


The mission of the Statistical Society of Canada is to promote the development of statistical methodology and encourage the highest possible standards for statistical education and practice in Canada. It carries out this mission through publications, education and advocacy. An important role of the Society is to recognize outstanding achievements in all aspects of its mission. To this end, the Society annually recognizes outstanding achievements of its colleagues through the presentation of awards. It is my very great pleasure to announce this year’s winners of four of the Statistical Society of Canada’s 2017 awards.

Professor K. Laurence (Larry) Weldon is the recipient of the 2017 Distinguished Service Award from the Statistical Society of Canada (SSC). This award honours an individual who has played an important and substantial role in fostering the growth and success of the Canadian statistical sciences community through leadership in the SSC.

David R. Bellhouse, Professor Emeritus of Statistics at Western University, London, Ontario, has been named an Honorary Member of the Statistical Society of Canada. This award is intended to honor an individual who has made exceptional contributions to the development of the statistical sciences in Canada and whose work has had a major impact in this country.

The 2017 recipient of the Statistical Society of Canada Award for Impact of Applied and Collaborative Work is Professor Carl Schwarz, Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, Simon Fraser University. The award recognizes outstanding contributions by a member of the SSC in collaborative research and applied work, the importance of which derives primarily from its relatively recent impact on a subject area outside of the statistical sciences, on an area of application, or on an organization.

The 2017 recipient of the Gold Medal of the Statistical Society of Canada is Professor Richard Cook. The Gold Medal is awarded to a person who has made outstanding contributions to statistics, or to probability, either to mathematical developments or in applied work. It is intended to honour current leaders in their field.

Last summer Eric Cai attended the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Statistical Society of Canada (SSC).  He spoke on the career-advice panel at the 2016 Canadian Statistics Student Conference (CSSC) and met colleagues and professors to share ideas about statistics, statistical education and the use of social media to promote statistics to the general public. These are his tips for obtaining maximum benefit from a conference.

Eric Cai served as a judge for some of the student presentations at the 2016 Canadian Statistics Student Conference (CSSC). Here Eric provides detailed tips for making a good scientific conference presentation.

The CRM-SSC Prize in Statistics is awarded annually by the Centre de recherches mathématiques (CRM) and the Statistical Society of Canada (SSC) in recognition of a statistical scientist’s professional accomplishments in research during the first fifteen years after having received a doctorate.  This year’s winner is Lei Sun of the University of Toronto.

The Canadian Journal of Statistics Award is presented each year by the Statistical Society of Canada to the author(s) of an article published in the journal, in recognition of the outstanding quality of the methodological innovation and presentation.  This year’s winner is the article entitled “Probability-scale residuals for continuous, discrete, and censored data.” (Volume 44, no. 4, pp. 463-479) by Bryan E.

This prize recognizes the best PhD thesis in probability or statistics defended at a Canadian university in a given year. Andy Leung is the winner of the 2017 Pierre Robillard Award of the Statistical Society of Canada. Andy’s thesis, entitled “Robust Estimation and Inference under Cellwise and Casewise Contamination”, was written while he was a doctoral student at the University of British Columbia working under the supervision of Ruben Zamar.  

Jim Kalbfleisch, who served the Statistical Society of Canada as President-Elect (1983), President (1984) and Past President (1985), died Sunday, April 23, 2017 at his home in Waterloo. During his distinguished career at the University of Waterloo, Jim served as Vice-President Academic and Provost from 1993-2000, Associate Provost, Academic Affairs from 1990-1993, Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics from 1986 - 1989 and Chair of the Department of Statistics (now Statistics and Actuarial Science) from 1975-79.