Advice for NSERC Discovery Grant applicants

Thursday, October 27, 2016
Paul McNicholas

Dear colleague,

I have written something for Liaison that contains a little advice for NSERC Discovery Grant applicants. Because the next issue of Liaison will be published after the Discovery Grant deadline, I have been asked to circulate these small pieces of advice in case they might be useful to some applicants, so here they are.

I strongly suggest looking at the merit indicators [1]; they really are used by the eg, and for every case at that. I also suggest reading the instructions [2] and following them when preparing the application. The most common of the easily avoidable issues I have seen centre around different aspects not being fully explained in the application. Here are some examples: 

  • The roles in co-supervisions should be clear. 
  • The order of authors on publications needs to be explained. 
  • The relationship to other research support should be clarified. 
  • The quality of the contributions to HQP training should be outlined and the outcomes clarified; the HQP criterion is much more than a numbers game.



Note: If link [2] doesn't open, copy and paste it into your browser or click on "instructions" in the above text