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Saturday, June 5, 2021
CSSC 2021

The ninth annual Canadian Statistics Student Conference (CSSC) will take place on Saturday, June 5th, 2021, the day before the Statistical Society of Canada 2021 Annual Meeting opens. Given the current ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the CSSC 2021 will be entirely online and free.


This conference is all about engaging students through research presentations, statistical skill development workshops and talks, and an interactive career session with invited statisticians from different professional areas. Registration is open to students, recent graduates, faculty, and other members of the statistics community.


Registration and abstract submission for oral presentations or posters will begin shortly. Please note that it is NOT allowed to give the same presentation at the SSC Annual Meeting and at the CCES. However, we do accept submissions that are presented in a format other than the SSC (for example, an oral presentation to the CCES and a poster to the SSC).



Presenter Title Links
Nonvikan Karl-Augustt Alahassa Double Backpropagation and Differential Machine Learning Poster Video
Fatima Bensalma Multivariate Correlation-based Methods With Application To The Omics Data Poster
Yan Bixun A cold-health watch and warning system, application to the province of Quebec Poster
Rajan Bola Development of a mobile application and server for the Community
Maternal Danger Score (CMDS)
Alysha Cooper Prediction of Time to Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder: A Comparison of Neural Network Approaches Poster  Video
Md. Belal Hossain Comparing methods to address sparse follow-up issues in estimating per-protocol effects in pragmatic clinical trials: a simulation study Poster Video
Lamin Juwara Privacy-preserving Cox proportional hazard regression with aggregate covariates Poster Video
Seungwoo Lee Flexible modeling of time-dependent effects of interventions on the cancer risks: an application to hereditary breast and ovarian cancer families Poster Video
Xu Li What Makes TED Talks Popular? A Deep Dive With Data Science, NLP, and Deep Learning Poster
Thamer Manshi Progressively Hybrid Censored Data with Sarhan-Tadj-Hamilton distribution Poster
James McVittie The Non-Parametric Maximum Likelihood Estimator for Combined Incident and Prevalent Cohort Data Poster Video
Kevin Olafson Forecasting Amazon Stock Price Poster Video
Razieh Safaripour A Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning Approaches for Prediction of Frequent Emergency Department Visits Poster
Shamsia Sobhan Developing Prediction Models in Presence of Competing Risks: An Application to Liver Transplant Registry Data Poster Video
John Tsang Comparing Models for Exchange Rate Prediction: Accuracy and Profitability Poster Video
Zhe Si Yu Impact of estrogen population pharmacokinetics on a QSP model of mammary stem cell differentiation Poster


Student Research Talks:

Opportunity for students across Canada to give talks on their statistics-related research, and to network with others who share their interests. 



We are pleased to announce a keynote address given by Professor Luc Devroye, James McGill Professor at McGill University. Professor Devroye has made outstanding research contributions in the fields of random number generation, density estimation, pattern recognition, and analysis of algorithms and data structures. Dr. Devroye has been the recipient of many distinguished awards, including the 2008 SSC Gold Medal. 


Career Panel:

As part of the CSSC 2021, participants will have the opportunity to attend a career session with talks given by the following panelists:

  • Dr. Dave Campbell, Professor at Carleton University
  • Matthew van Bommel, Analytics Engineer at Zelus Analytics
  • Edward Chen, Chief of Social Survey Methods Division at Statistics Canada
  • Tingting Wen, Director of Variable Annuity Pricing & Reporting at Sun Life Investments


Career Skills Session:

Searching for a job can be a full time job! Kristen White, Science Career Development Coordinator at Memorial University of Newfoundland, will give a skills session on resources and strategies for a successful job search.


Computational Workshop: 

Jean-Paul Soucy, PhD candidate in epidemiology at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto, will be giving a hands-on workshop on R Shiny titled “What makes R Shiny so shiny?”. Basic R Shiny examples alongside tips and common mistakes will be discussed during this tutorial. Slides and codes will be made available on GitHub such that everyone can follow along and access the resources after the workshop.



While we are physically away from each other, we will still have the opportunity to connect with one and another! 

As part of the CSSC 2021, we will have a networking lunch to allow you to meet with other student researchers across Canada, and an evening social will continue developing these connections through a trivia session! 



The following prizes will be awarded for undergraduate, Master’s and PhD levels:

  • Best Posters of the SSC Student Conference Awards
  • Best Oral Presentations of the SSC Student Conference Awards


Contact Us:

For more information, please contact the SSC Student Conference organizing committee at