Workshops 2020

The workshops are training activities organized by the SSC Sections and additionally this year, the SSC Accreditation Committee. They are held concurrently on Sunday, May 31st. They are targeted to all meeting participants, including students. Registration is necessary. Separate fees apply.

  • Biostatistics Workshop
    Title: Reproducibility challenges in data analysis with examples in brain imaging
    Facilitator: JB Poline (McGill University)
  • Business and Industrial Statistics Workshop
    Title: Interactive exploratory data visualization.
    Facilitator: Wayne Oldford (University of Waterloo)
  • Data Science and Analytics Workshop
    Title: Analysis of Unstructured Text Data
    Facilitators: Dave Campbell (Carleton University) and Nathan Taback (University of Toronto)
  • Probability Workshop
    Title: Particle tracking in biology using machine learning.
    Facilitator: Jay Newby (University of Alberta)
  • Statistics Education Workshop
    Title: Tools for Collaborative and Reproducible research
    Facilitators: Tiffany Timbers (University of British Columbia); Wesley Burr (Trent University); Bruce Dunham (University of British Columbia)
  • Survey Methods
    Title: Introduction to big data and machine learning for survey researchers
    Facilitator: Trent Buskirk (Bowling Green State University)