10th Francophone Conference on Survey Sampling Issues

Université de Lyon, France
Wednesday, October 24, 2018 to Friday, October 26, 2018
10e Colloque francophone sur les sondages

This conference is a scientific conference co-organised by the University of Lyon (Lyon 1 and Lyon 2) and the Institute of Human Sciences, under the backing and support of the French Statistical Society. It will bring together researchers, designers and survey users. It will enable the exchange of best practices and innovations in survey methodology. The topics of interest are many: survey methodologies obviously have a large place (sampling, adjustments, treatment of nonresponse, precision calculation, quality ...) but many more sessions are also planned, concerning among other themes: travel surveys, environmental surveys, health surveys, climate surveys, measures of inequality and poverty, multi-mode surveys, and international surveys. Special interest will be given to political polls. In addition, a round table will allow an expert discussion on the subject of international surveys, with the active participation of Eurostat.

The conference is francophone, but international. For this reason some talks will be given in english. Among the invited speakers, we are pleased to be joined by Li-Chun Zhang (Southampton University), Risto Lehtonen (Helsinki University), Isabel Molina (Madrid University), Jean-Pierre Renfer (Office fédéral de la statistique, Suisse), Jean-François Beaumont, (Statistics Canada - who will be opening the conference), and David Haziza (University of Montréal). These are world-renowned speakers, but of course we will also have international non-invited speakers.