Instructions for Completing the Application Form for P.Stat. (Professional Statistician)

SSC Accreditation is for practice in Canada, by a Statistician who is a Canadian citizen or a legal resident of Canada, or has an association with Canada as defined in section 2.4 of the SSC Accreditation documentation. The form is relatively straightforward to complete and should not take more than an hour or two. The application form and summary form are fillable Microsoft Word documents. You can save the document at any time and then return to complete the form.

When the application form is complete, convert it to PDF format and insert attachments as required (see checklist below). The summary form is to be saved as a Word file.

Please name the files in the following form: surname-pstat-yyyy-appl.pdf surname-pstat-yyyy-smry.doc where yyyy should be replaced with your year of application.

Both files should be e-mailed to the SSC office at

The application fee is non-refundable.

If you are paying by credit card, you may wish to omit the credit details from your pdf application. Print the first page, add credit card details by hand, sign at the bottom, and fax ONLY THE FIRST PAGE to the SSC office at +1 (613) 733-1386, or mail the cheque or credit card details to:

Statistical Society of Canada 219 - 1725 St. Laurent Blvd. Ottawa ON K1G 3V4

Checklist for completing forms – P.Stat.

□ Completed form

□ Full CV inserted (optional)

□ Permission required for reports?

□ Two reports inserted

□ Are you willing to serve as mentor?

□ Any reviewers to be excluded?

□ Contact your references in case SSC requires further information

□ Send SSC payment or credit card details. Do you qualify for a reduced fee?

□ Did you request special handling? If so, please review document entitled Accreditation of Statisticians by the Statistical Society of Canada.


1. How do I enter more degrees for post-secondary education than spaces provided?

If possible, please restrict entries to the most relevant education. If it is necessary to insert new entries, please see FAQ #3.

2. Am I required to send proof of my post-secondary education?

Applicants for P.Stat. are not normally required to provide proof of degrees. However, the Accreditation Committee may perform degree verification on any applicant.

3. How do I enter more employment entries?

First, ensure that all experience occurred in the latest six-year window. If you still need more space, add an Appendix in Word.

4. What do I do if my work is confidential and should not be seen except for a limited number of people?

Please refer to the document Accreditation of Statisticians by the Statistical Society of Canada.

5. How do I document professional experience?

Of particular importance is the documentation on professional statistical experience. Most agree that a professional statistician designation encompasses a number of duties and responsibilities that differ from those expected of a recent graduate or a junior statistician. Simply stated, the professional statistician should demonstrate greater practical knowledge, experience, and expertise, and should be able to take greater responsibility for all aspects of statistical work. Reviewers are looking for documentation on your ability to apply good statistical theory and methods to practical problems, and to communicate the results.

6. How do I assemble the pieces into a single final PDF version of the form?

The suggestions below do not imply an endorsement by the SSC
(a) If you have Acrobat (not just Acrobat Reader), it enables the creation of PDF documents directly from Microsoft Word and other word processing packages.
(b) There are many commercial/shareware/freeware add-ons to create PDF documents. Search of the web for a suitable piece of software.
(c) Try a commercial service, e.g., a local copy centre/business supply store scans pages, converts to PDF, for a reasonable price.