SSC Email Lists

Four Distinct Lists

  1. [a-ssc] Occasional announcements that must be sent to all ssc members. There is no "unsubscribe" option, and this is a moderated list.
  2. [g-ssc] Announcements of general interest to all SSC members. Members are included in this list by default, but may choose to opt out. This is a moderated list.
  3. [d-ssc] Unmoderated email list that is open to all members. Members must opt in to the list to send emails or post to the list. Messages from nonmembers are vetted before posting.
  4. [femme-women] This mailing list is to discuss issues of interest regarding women in statistics and is open to all members of the Statistical Society of Canada.

SSC Discussion List

The d-ssc e-mail list is provided exclusively to members of the Statistical Society of Canada to discuss issues relevant to statistics, statisticians, and careers in statistics. Job advertisements are welcomed.

  • You must be a member of the Statistical Society of Canada to subscribe to the SSC discussion list. Subscription requests from non-members will be rejected by the list administrator.
  • If you are not yet a member of the SSC, you can find out how to join here. 
  • Subscribe to the SSC Discussion List
  • If you are having issues with the subscription, please contact 
  • If you are not an SSC member but wish to post a job opening on d-ssc please contact for permission to do this.

You will receive a password to use when managing your d-ssc list membership. To post to the list, send your e-mail to d-ssc@ssc.caPlease put your message in the body of the e-mail and do not include any attachments.

  • If you post to the list, please use the same e-mail address you gave when you subscribed. To post from one address while receiving postings from another, subscribe twice but set one subscription to receive no mail. There is also a digest option.

List subscribers may post to the d-ssc list without moderator intervention.


List members can browse archived postings. Click on the link below and use your e-mail address and password to enter.

Discussion list for issues specifically relating to Women in Statistics

The femme– mailing list has been created as a forum for discussion of any topics of interest to women in statistics in Canada.  Membership of the list is open to all SSC members regardless of gender but we do ask that topics be restricted to items regarding, or of special interest to, women in our profession.  This list is not meant for general job ads which should be sent to d–  

To subscribe to the list you must be a current member of the SSC.  
Subscription can be done through the website  

Any questions regarding subscriptions or posting to the list can be addressed to the Electronic Services Manager (
Questions regarding appropriate content can be addressed to the chair of the SSC Women in Statistics Committee (sscwsc–