SSC Award for Impact of Applied and Collaborative Work


The SSC Award for impact of a Statistician in Applied and Collaborative Work is given to a Canadian or to someone residing in Canada, who is a member of the Society and who has made  outstanding contributions in applied and collaborative work, the importance of which derives primarily from its relatively recent impact on a subject area outside of the statistical sciences, on an area of application, or on an organization.

Call for Nominations: 

Nominations must be received on or before January 31 by the Chair of the Committee. Electronic submission with PDF files is preferred.


The essential idea is that the award is for the impact of the work (not for its degree of technical sophistication, for example). The work should demonstrate the importance of the statistical sciences to other areas of endeavour and should include an intellectual contribution to statistical science motivated by the area of application.


Areas in which a substantial contribution would qualify include: formulation of new statistical questions and ideas uniquely appropriate to the subject matter discipline or the organization; development and application of conceptually new approaches appropriate to the subject matter or the organization; new implementation of the best combination of techniques to solve important and difficult research problems in the applied discipline; development of statistical methods that answer a question in another field that could not have been answered adequately before; application of creative statistical thinking with demonstration of clear understanding of the science/industry of the area of endeavour; establishment of the relative merits of alternative analytic approaches leading to guidelines useful to applied scientists in choosing among them. This list is intended to be examples of contributions and is not necessarily exhaustive.

The nomination package should consist of a letter of nomination and at least three letters of support, a curriculum vitæ, a “layperson” description of the work and its impact expressed in terms that would be suitable for publicity purposes, and a citation suitable for public announcement of the award. The nomination package should also include at least two letters from non-statisticians representing the field or organization that has felt the impact of the work. The letters must address how the contributions have had a recent impact. Letters of recommendation from those not directly involved in the research are particularly encouraged. The onus is on the nominator(s) to explain the work and to provide evidence of its impact in support of the nomination.

Please see the SSC guidelines on implicit bias (pdf). 

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