Statistical Inference, Learning and Models in Data Science

The Fields Institute, Toronto, Ontario
Lundi, 24 septembre, 2018 - Vendredi, 28 septembre, 2018

This is a retrospective workshop for the thematic program “Statistical Models, Learning and Inference for Big Data”, held from January to June 2015. The new title reflects the shift in emphasis from the size of the data to the science of collecting, storing, querying, modeling, drawing conclusions, visualizing and communicating the insights derived. 

The landscape is changing rapidly – there are now many new undergraduate and graduate programs in data science, there have been extensive developments in computing platforms for data carpentry, there is renewed emphasis on workflow for reproducible research, the Fields Institute has a workshop series on data science in its Commercial and Industrial Mathematics program, and there has been a substantial investment in deep learning through the Pan-Canadian artificial intelligence strategy announced by the federal government in March 2017. This workshop will provide an opportunity to assess how these and other changes are impacting the research areas discussed during the thematic program.