Congrés annuel 1995 de la SSC

Congrés annuel 1995 de la SSC

Montreal, Quebec

Survey Methods in Wildlife and Fisheries Management

Neil Arnason (University of Manitoba)

J Steven Wendt (Environment Canada)
Migratory Bird Surveys in Canada

E Susan Cosens (Fisheries and Oceans Canada)
Problems Arising in Survey Sampling of Whale Populations

George Rose (Fisheries and Oceans Canada)
Problems with Surveys for Marine Fishes with Particular Reference to Acoustic Methods

Environmental Epidemiology

Paul Corey (University of Toronto)

RT Burnett, DR Kewski, R Vincent (Health Canada); T Dann, JR Brook (Environment Canada)
Associations Between Ambient Particulate Sulfate and Admissions to Ontario Hospitals for Cardiac and Respiratory Diseases

Paul Corey (University of Toronto)
A Comparison of Methods of Analyzing Longitudinal Pollution-Health Data

DR Krewski, Y Wang, JM Zielinski (Health Canada)
A Cohort Mortality Study of Occupational Radiation Exposure Based on the National Dose Registry of Canada and the Effect of Record Linkage Errors on Statistical Inference

Ethical Issues in Clinial Trials

Stanley H Shapiro (McGill University)

TA Louis (University of Minnesota)
Timely and Accurate Data: A Prerequisite to Ethical Clinical Trials

C Weijer (McGill University)
Next Steps in Evaluating the Ethics of Clinical Trials

JC Bailar III (McGill University)

Planning and Evaluation of Sequential Trials

John Whitehead (Reading University)

J Whitehead (Reading University)
Sequential Clinical Comparisons of Long-Term Survival When Hazards may not be Proportional

SS Emerson (Arizona Cancer Center); RA Durazo-Arvizu (Loyola University of Chicago)
Estimation of Survivor Function Following Group Sequential Testing

MD Thorn (Biometric Research Institute)
Using Sequential Trial Methodology for Interim Analyses - Practical Applications and Issues

Environmental Issues

Sylvia Esterby (Environment Canada)

A Grimvall (Linkoping University)
Emission and Immission Approaches to Statistical Source Appointment of the Transport of Pollutants in Rivers

LL Conquest, A Shelly (University of Washington)
A Simulation Study on Statistical Power for Trend Assessment in Environmental Monitoring

AH El-Shaarawi (National Water Research Institute, Burlington, ON)
Environmental Impact Assessment

Adjusting for Covariates Post-Randomization and Related Topics

James Rochon (George Washington University)

JM Robins (Harvard School of Public Health); S Greenland (University of California, Los Angeles)
Adjusting for Differential Rates of Prophylaxis Therapy for PCP in an AIDS Randomized Trial

MD Schluchter (Cleveland Clinic Foundation)
Estimating Change in Longitudinal Studies in the Presence of Informative Censoring

J Rochon (George Washington University)