Congrés annuel 1992 de la SSC

Congrés annuel 1992 de la SSC

Edmonton, Alberta

Current Advances in Biostatistics

GH Fick, University of Calgary

Nhu Le, Martin L Puterman, and Peiming Wang, University of British Columbia
Mixed Generalized Linear Models and Applications

Andre Robert Dabrowski, University of Ottawa
Patch Clamp Experiments on Ion Channels: Estimates and Tests

Salomon Minkin, Ontario Cancer Institute
Prognostic Clonogenic Assays: Issues in the Selection of an Experimental Design for a Dose-Response Curve

Statistics in Forestry

M Bernier-Cardou


Optimal Sampling Strategies in Forest Inventories

HT Schreuder and Z Ouyang, USDA; Steen Magnussen, Forestry Canada
Design and Analysis of Tree Genetic Field Trials

Edward R Cook, Columbia University
Use and Limitations of Tree-Ring Chronologies in Studying Effects of Air Pollution on Forests

Statistical Issues in Health Policy

WH Ross, Health and Welfare Canada

Daniel R Krewski, Health and Welfare Canada
Statistical Issues in Environmental Health Risk Assessment

K Karpinski, Health and Welfare Canada
Statistical Issues in Food Policies and Regulations

Yang Mao, Health and Welfare Canada
Statistical Issues in Disease Surveillance

Andrew Coldman, British Columbia Cancer Agency

Current Trends in Biostatistical Practice

C Young, Glaxo Canada

Richard J Cook, University of Waterloo
The Design and Analysis of Sequential Trials with Bivariate Responses

Laszlo Endrenyi, University of Toronto
Current Issues in the Assessment of Bioequivalence

Chris Young, Glaxo Canada
Collaborative Relationships with Industry

Statistical Issues in AIDS Research

CA Struthers, University of Waterloo

Duncan J Murdoch, University of Waterloo
AIDS in Canada: Statistical Issues

KJP Craib, ND Le, TN Le, JSG Montaner, MT Schechter, University of British Columbia
Use of the Markov Model to Estimate the Waiting Times in a Modified Version of the Proposed World Health Organization Clinical Staging System for HIV Infection

Nicholas P Jewell, University of California
Statistical Analysis of HIV Infectivity Based on Partner Study Data

Panel Discussion: The Role of the Statistician in the Conduct of Science

O. Brian Allen, Lise Manchester

William H. Ross, Health and Welfare Canada
Sheryl Bartlett, Health and Welfare Canada
David F. Andrews, University of Toronto
Louis-Paul Rivest, Universite Laval
Martin L. Puterman, University of British Columbia

Case Studies

J.C. Babb, Grain Research Laboratory

Rocky Fan and Guoqi Qjan, Dalhousie University
Proposal for Predicting the Protein Content of Wheat from Near-Infrared Reflectance Measurements