ASA Symposium on Statistical Inference

Bethesda, Maryland
Mercredi, 11 octobre, 2017 - Vendredi, 13 octobre, 2017
2017 ASA Symposium
The ASA Symposium on Statistical Inference will follow up on the historic ASA Statement on P-Values and Statistical Significance. The statement called for moving statistical analysis and evidence-based decision making beyond “bright line rules” toward a “post-p < 0.05 era.”

The symposium is open to all, and is a major one-time event you won’t want to miss. 

Anticipated attendees include the following:
  •     Statisticians from a broad range of practice areas
  •     Non-statisticians from the broader research community
  •     Research sponsors, including both private organizations and government agencies
  •     Journal editors, reviewers, and others involved in publication decisions 
  •     The media, including print and broadcast writers and editors
  •     Consumers, users, and evaluators of research, including policy makers, program administrators, regulatory authorities, business managers, physicians, lawyers, judges, principals, deans and provosts, teachers, and ordinary citizens