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Are you excited about statistics research and want to promote your work online?  Are you looking for some extra funding to support your travel costs for the SSC meetings?

We are inviting all undergraduate and graduate students to participate in our pilot competition "Statistics on Reels".  Winners will receive $250 and will automatically be accepted to give a live oral presentation at the Student Conference.  

Entries will be judged based on both the quality of the presentation and the underlying research.  Undergraduate and graduate students will be judged in separate competitions.



  • Produce a 2-5 minute video describing your research project.  This video can be simple (just you talking to your webcam) or more intricate (with slides, animations, etc).  It's up to you!
  • Upload your video to YouTube.  Security should be set to "Public".
  • Title your video "Statistics on Reels: <insert project title here>" with the tag "statisticsonreels".
  • Submit your written abstract (and the information requested on the abstract submission page) along with the YouTube URL by March 1st. Deadline extended to March 17th!!
  • Register for the SSC Student Conference before April 15th.

Contributed videos will be posted on the Student Conference website once the submission deadline has passed.

Winners will be announced by April 7th.

Please submit all inquiries to


Sample video prepared by Caitlin Daly, a masters student at McMaster University 



  • Participants must be enrolled as a student as of December 31st, 2013.
  • The project must focus on a statistical method, mathematical statistics, probability theory or the application of statistical methods to a data set.
  • The language of the video may be English or French.
  • All videos meeting the requirements and submitted along with the full information requested for abstract submission by March 17th will be considered.  Videos submitted after March 17th will not be considered.
  • All winners must register for the Student Conference by April 15th and give an oral presentation at the conference in order to receive their prize.  All oral presentations will occur in the morning of May 24th.  All prizes will be awarded during the closing session on May 24th (at approximately 5:10-5:25pm).  If a winner is not present at this session or if they are absent from their oral presentation, then their prize is forfeit.



We are pleased to announce the five finalists for the Statistics on Reels Competition. Click for more details.



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