SSC 2001 Annual Meeting

SSC 2001 Annual Meeting

June 10 - 14, 2001
Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia

Statistics in Forestry

Organizer: Vera Sit, BC Ministry of Forests

Gay BRADSHAW and Jeffrey BORCHERS (USDA Forest Service)
Bayesian Statistics To Make Complex Decisions In Natural Resources/ Statistiques bayésiennes pour des décisions complexes relatives aux ressources naturelles

William REED and Kevin S. MCKELVEY (University of Victoria) 
The Size Distribution Of Wildfires

Wendy BERGERUD (B.C. Ministry of Forests)
Silviculture Survey System: Statistical Properties and Anticipated Yields/
Système de sondage en sylviculture : propriétés statistiques et production anticipée

Measurement Error

Organizer: John Spinelli, BC Cancer Agency, jointly sponsored by CSEB

Donna SPIEGELMAN and R. LOGAN (Harvard School of Public Health)
Extended Partial Likelihood Methods For Failure Time Models, With Measurement Error In A Time-Varying Covariate

Dan SCHAFER (Oregon State University)
Measurement error regression and nonparametric maximum likelihood/ Régression d'erreurs de mesures et maximum de vraisemblance non paramétrique

Paul GUSTAFSON (University of British Columbia)
Case-Control Analysis with Partial Knowledge of Exposure Misclassification Probabilities/ Analyse de cas-témoins avec connaissances partielles des probabilités de mauvais classement de l'exposition

Statistics in Fisheries I

Organizer: Rick Routledge, Simon Fraser University
jointly sponsored by the Survey Methods Section

Chris WOOD (Fisheries and Oceans Canada)
Defining Conservation Units Based On Capacity For Local Adaptation: Testing Predictions Of A Heuristic Mode/
Définition d'unités de conservation basées sur la capacité d'adaptation locale : vérification des prédictions d'un modèle heuristique

Ashley STEEL Blake E. FEIST, George R. PESS, and Robert E. BILBY (U. S. National Marine Fisheries Service)
A Hierarchical Statistical Model To Link Spatially Explicit Salmon Abundance Records To Habitat Characteristics In The Salmon, Snohomish, And Willamette River Basins/
Un modèle statistique hiérarchique pour lier des données d'abondance du saumon spatialement explicites aux caractéristiques de l'habitat des bassins des rivières Salmon, Snohomish et Willamette

Eric ANDERSON (University of Washington)
Bayesian Methods For Inference In Populations Of Hybridizing Fish

Statistics in Fisheries II

Organizer: Stephen Smith, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Zane Z. ZHANG (Department Fisheries & Oceans, Nanaimo)
Ideal Survey Designs for Various Spatial Distributions of Benthic Invertebrate Populations/
Plans de sondages idéaux pour diverses distributions spatiales d'invertébrés de fonds marins

Terry QUINN (University of Alaska, Juneau)
Adaptive Cluster Sampling of Gulf of Alaska Rockfish/
Échantillonnage en grappe
adaptatif du sébaste du Golfe de l'Alaska

Carl SCHWARZ (Simon Fraser University)
Assessing Fish Population With Capture-Recapture: A How-To-Guide/
La détermination de population de poissons utilisant la capture-recapture: un guide pratique

Statistics in Fisheries III

Organizer: Stephen Smith, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Sherri DRESSEL (University of Alaska, Fairbanks)
Using Poststratification to Incorporate Habitat Information into Abundance Estimates from Multispecies Surveys/
Utilisation de la post-stratification pour l'incorporation d'information sur l'habitat pour des estimations d'abondance lors de sondages comportant plusieurs espèces

Brenda NORCROSS (University of Alaska, Fairbanks)
Sampling Problems for Which Textbooks Did Not Prepare You/
Problèmes d'échantillonnages auxquels les livres ne nous ont pas préparés

Steven SYRJALA (NMFS, Seattle)
A Bootstrap Approach to Make Sample-Size Calculations for Trawl Studies/
Une approche bootstrap pour études au chalut servant à effectuer des calculs de taille d'échantillon


Organizer: Sylvia Esterby, Okanagan University College
jointly sponsored by the International Environmetrics Society

John HUBERT (University of Guelph)
Models and Methods for Time-Dependent Bioassays

Jim SHERRY and Abdel EL-SHAARAWI (National Water Research Institute)
Statistical Issues in Canadian Pulp and Paper Environmental Effects