2024 SSC Annual Meeting: List of invited sessions

invited session

We are excited to announce the following invited sessions at the upcoming SSC annual meeting.  Don't miss these great topics!

  • Risk Quantification in Actuarial Science (sponsored by Actuarial Section)    Silvana Manuela Pesenti (silvana.pesenti@utoronto.ca)
  • Fairness and Discrimination in Insurance (sponsored by Actuarial Section)    Marie-Pier Côté (Marie-Pier.Cote@act.ulaval.ca)
  • Machine Learning in Actuarial Science and Finance (sponsored by Actuarial Section)    Chengguo Weng (chengguo.weng@uwaterloo.ca)
  • Mortality Forecasting and Longevity Risk Management (sponsored by Actuarial Section)    Yingli Qin (yingli.qin@uwaterloo.ca)
  • Recent Advances in Epidemiology and Ecology (sponsored by Biostatistics Section)    Rob Deardon (rob.deardon@ucalgary.ca)
  • Harnessing Statistical and Computational Models for Neuroscience (sponsored by Biostatistics Section)    Reza Ramezan (rramezan@uwaterloo.ca)
  • Advanced Statistical Inference for Emerging Infectious Disease Epidemics (sponsored by Biostatistics Section)    Lam Ho (lam.ho@dal.ca)
  • Presenting Your Technical Work to Non-Statistical Audiences (sponsored by Biostatistics Section)    Eleanor M. Pullenayegum (eleanor.pullenayegum@sickkids.ca)
  • Bridging the Gap: Navigating Collaborative Research with Non-Statisticians (sponsored by Business and Industrial Statistics Section) – Panel    Reza Ramezan (rramezan@uwaterloo.ca)
  • Innovative Strategies in High-Dimensional Data Analysis with Applications to Business and Industry (sponsored by Business and Industrial Statistics Section)    S. Ejaz Ahmed (sahmed5@brocku.ca)
  • Modern Approaches for Clustering Data (sponsored by Business and Industrial Statistics Section)    Brian Franczak (franczakb@macewan.ca)
  • Bridging the Gap with Large Language Models (sponsored by Business and Industrial Statistics Section) – Panel    Vahid Partovi Nia (vahid.partovi-nia@polymtl.ca)
  • Advancements in Sports Analytics (sponsored by Data Science and Analytics Section)    Tianyu Guan (tguan@brocku.ca)
  • Reproducibility in Machine Learning and Statistics (sponsored by Data Science and Analytics Section)    Tiffany A Timbers (tiffany.timbers@stat.ubc.ca)
  • Ensemble Learning for Developing Predictive Models (sponsored by Data Science and Analytics Section)    Jabed Tomal (jtomal@tru.ca)
  • Inference for Autoregressive and Markov Models; A Memorial Session for Wolfgang Wefelmeyer (sponsored by Probability Section)    Priscilla E. Greenwood (pgreenw@math.ubc.ca)
  • Recent Advances in Random Walks (sponsored by Probability Section)    Jean Vaillancourt (jean.vaillancourt@hec.ca)
  • Advanced Development on Time Series and Their Applications (sponsored by Probability Section)    Bruno N. Rémillard (bruno.remillard@gmail.com)
  • Inference Methods in Stochastic Processes with Change-Points: Recent Advances (sponsored by Probability Section)    Sévérien Nkurunziza (severien@uwindsor.ca)
  • Generative Artificial Intelligence and What’s Next for the Teaching and Learning of Statistics (sponsored by Statistical Education Section) – Panel    Alison L. Gibbs ( alison.gibbs@utoronto.ca)
  • Past, Present, and Future of Statistical Education (sponsored by Statistical Education Section)    Yildiz Yilmaz
  • Teaching Introductory Statistics to Nonspecialists (sponsored by Statistical Education Section)    Léo Belzile
  • Approaches to Teaching the Analysis of Large-Scale and Complex Data (sponsored by Statistical Education Section)    Alexander Shestopaloff (a.shestopaloff@qmul.ac.uk)
  • New Advancements in Formal Privacy Methods and Synthetic Data Generation (sponsored by Survey Methods Section)    Bei Jiang (bei1@ualberta.ca)
  • Restoring Survey Response Rates and Mitigating the Nonresponse Error: Current Approaches and Recent Findings (sponsored by Survey Methods Section)    Peter G. Wright
  • Statistical Challenges: Privacy, High-Dimensionality, and Real-World Applications (sponsored by Survey Methods Section)    Zeinab Mashreghi (z.mashreghi@uwinnipeg.ca)
  • Networking for Large Programs of Research, Thérèse Stukel (stukel@ices.on.ca) with Lisa Lix, Robyn Tamblyn, Robert Platt, Derek Bingham, Shelley Bull
  • Convergence of MCMC Algorithms, Jeffrey Rosenthal, (jeff@math.toronto.edu)


Friday, April 19, 2024

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