David Luke Thiessen joins MacEwan University


The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at MacEwan University is delighted to announce the appointment of David Luke Thiessen as an assistant professor in statistics. David’s appointment began on July 1, 2023.

David earned a BSc Honours in statistics from the University of Alberta and a PhD in statistics from the University of Regina. David’s thesis, “Improving Applicability of the Non-Monotone Unified Estimate for Missing Data”, discusses methods to fit regression models in the presence of missing data. Of particular interest is the comparison of a unified approach with multiple imputation. A portion of David’s thesis can be found in Thiessen et al. (2022).

At the University of Regina, David also served as a research assistant in the Department of Psychology, contributing to nine peer-reviewed journal publications. He also taught introductory statistics in different modalities. David values teaching statistics as he believes it encourages students to think critically about potential biases and be open to uncertainty about their conclusions.

Thiessen, D. L., Zhao, Y., & Tu, D. (2022). Unified estimation for Cox regression model with nonmonotone missing at random covariates. Statistics in Medicine41(24), 4781–4790.

Sunday, July 23, 2023

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