Symposium on Risk Modelling


Symposium on Risk Modelling—SRM21

November 26, 2021



CANSSI-Quebec (Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Concordia University) and CRM-StatLab (Université de Monrtréal) will be jointly organizing a one-day virtual symposium on November 26, 2021. The topics will feature risk modelling based on the research community around Quebec from industry and academia.


Organizing Committee

Yogendra Chaubey, Chair

Regional Director, CANSSI-Quebec (Concordia University)

Melina Mailhot (Concordia University)

Johanna Neslehova (McGill University)


Speakers (tentative)

  • Gabriel  Doyon

Desjardins, Monrtreal

  • Klaus Hermann

University of Sherbrooke 

  • Véronique Tremblay

Beneva, Quebec

  • Luc Perreault

Hydro Québec

(Registration and other details to follow)


Contact: Yogendra Chaubey Email:

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

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