Statistics Corner: Call for submissions

Stats Corner

Statistics inherently lends itself to storytelling, but so much of academic publishing revolves around technical constructions and highly specialized esoteric methodology. Hence, I want to introduce and solicit submissions to the new Liaison Statistics Corner, a place for us to share statistical stories and musings with colleagues across Canada. Do you have a story to tell us about an interesting dataset? Have you ever designed an experiment just for fun? Is there a distribution or statistical test that you think is underappreciated? If so, send a short write-up to Liaison via the SSC website:  And going forward, if you have a comment or rebuttal to a given article, consider sending a letter to the editor at to keep the discussion going. We live in a big country, so grab a coffee, pull up a chair, and join me in the Statistics Corner.

To begin this new feature in Liaison, I have added my own short story about the recent heat dome in Western Canada. How extreme were these extreme temperatures? Check out the short article to find out.

Adam B. Kashlak,
Editor in Chief, Liaison
Monday, August 2, 2021

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