SAS students take first place in ANSA Case Competition

SAS students take first place in ANSA Case Competition

Congratulations to our fourth year actuarial science students who won first place in the 2021 ASNA Case Competition!

Team members:

  • Nianchen (Steven) Liu
  • Yifan (Eva) Li
  • Cheng (Robin) Wang
  • Chen Han (Owen) Lin

Background information: 

The formal name of the convention is Actuarial Students’ National Association (ASNA). Every year hundreds of students across different Canadian universities gather with the senior managers and directors of multiple well-known companies to learn about the future and the changes of the actuarial industry. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity for students to network with the employers to earn insights and potential offers. Hosted by the exact convention, the case competition (ASNA Case Competition) is an annual competition with its final round occurring during the days of the convention, with multiple professional actuaries being the judges. During the competition, we are asked to build essentially a brand new insurance product with some historic information of our clients and analyze how we should model and set its price.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

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