Accreditation Task Force Report

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The task force was asked by the SSC board to propose operational changes required to improve the functionality of the accreditation committee, along with means of implementing such changes.

The task force received and incorporated input from the fall and winter boards; circulated draft proposals twice to the accreditation committee, accreditation services committee, and accreditation appeals committee; and circulated the draft proposals to all SSC accredited prior to its final report presentation at the annual meeting board. The motions and recommendations were approved by the board.

The major change to the accreditation committee is that the accreditation chair will serve a three-year term, serving as chair-elect, current chair, and past-chair. This structure will be implemented July 1, 2019 by Soyean Kim becoming past-chair, and the appointment of a new current chair and chair-elect. This will spread the heavy workload amongst three people.The current chair will lead SSC Accreditation, overseeing individual and institutional reviews by the accreditation committee and making recommendations to the SSC board.

The past-chair will write/review an Operations Guide to inform the current chair about latest operational practices; will upon request provide counsel to the current chair; will be chair of the accreditation services committee; and will serve on the elections committee. 

The chair-elect will support the SSC Accreditation Program by promoting SSC Accreditation within the SSC and in the workplace.

The accreditation services committee requires the long awaited accredited-only space on the SSC website to house the accredited-only database for mentoring facilitation and accredited networking, and to house professional development materials. Existing and future professional development materials will facilitate maintenance of professional competence.

We celebrate 15 years of the SSC general opening for awarding P.Stat. with a renewed accreditation program.

Respectfully submitted,

Judy-Anne Chapman (Chair)

Fernando Camacho
Jill Vandermeerschen
Ying Zhang
Shirley Mills
Soyean Kim

Saturday, August 10, 2019

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