Message from the President

Robert Platt

It’s hard to believe that my term as president of the SSC is almost done.  It’s been a busy year.  

SSC 2019 in Calgary was a tremendous success. Calgary and the university were wonderful hosts. Karen Kopciuk and Alex De Leon, the local organizing committee, and all the volunteers did a great job with the local arrangements, while the program committee led by Lisa Lix delivered an exciting program that had interesting sessions right up to the last session on Wednesday afternoon. The president’s invited speaker, Sylvia Richardson, delivered a great talk to kick off the meeting, and the sessions were enjoyable throughout the week. The awards committee, led by Jack Gambino, and the various other committees awarding key prizes of the SSC, presented us a great slate of deserving statisticians for a variety of awards.

The Canadian Statistics Student Conference, organized entirely by students led by Anita Brobbey and Myrtha Reyna, was also a success; it showcased some of the great work (and great organizational skills) our students have, and shows that our society’s future is bright.

The society went through a few personnel changes over the year. Miaclaire Woodland left her job as executive assistant to return to school, but came back as a part-time administrative assistant for the SSC. Michelle Benoit has taken on the executive assistant role and has been a quick study to get up to speed on our operations and to start proposing new ideas for the society. The society would not function without the excellent work by Michelle and Miaclaire; we depend on them for our day-to-day functioning and much of our organizational strength.

The executive had a number of changes as well. Edward Chen resigned as treasurer, and Jason Loeppky as electronic services manager. Hugh Chipman (while keeping busy as past-president) filled in as ESM for Jason for a couple of years. Edward is being replaced by Patrick Brown, and Angelo Canty has taken on the ESM role. I want to take the time to thank Edward for his long and dedicated service to the SSC; his contribution at many levels, especially as treasurer, has been instrumental in the development of the society. Jason’s work, too, has been critical to developing the society’s electronic platform. And, finally, Hugh Chipman has been tremendously dedicated to ensuring that the society functions; his contributions as interim ESM, as past-president, and as general institutional memory of the society, were a great help throughout the year.

It’s been a pleasure to serve as president of the SSC. The society is extremely well-organized, and volunteers throughout the society keep us functioning at a very high level. All this makes the job of the president easy; it’s just a matter of asking very capable and willing people to keep things moving. The society is in very good hands, with Bruce Smith as incoming president, Wendy Lou as incoming president-elect, and several new board members ready to contribute.  

I look forward to seeing lots of you at JSM in Denver and at SSC 2020 in Ottawa!  



Robert Platt

SSC President 2018–2019


Sunday, June 9, 2019

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