Survey Methods Section Program for SSC 2019

The Survey Methods Section (SMS) is pleased once again to be directly involved in the SSC Annual Meeting by offering a full-day workshop, a presidential invited address, three invited sessions and several contributed sessions. We would like to encourage our members and others interested in survey methods to attend. In addition, the section is sponsoring an award for the best student presentation in the field of Survey Methodology. Students who are presenting at the annual meeting are encouraged to submit their paper to the SMS. You could win a $300 award! Visit our website for more information.

Here are some details on the SMS program:


When Some Data is Missing: Foundation of Imputation Theory and Recent Developments in the Field 

Organizer: Susie Fortier, Statistics Canada
Facilitator: David Haziza, University of Montreal

The most common way to treat item nonresponse in surveys is to construct one or more replacement values to fill in a missing value, a process known as imputation.    Single imputation consists of replacing a missing value by a single replacement value, whereas multiple imputation uses two or more replacement values. In this          workshop we will review various imputation procedures used in national statistical offices as well as the properties of point and variance estimators in the presence of imputed survey data. The workshop will provide the participants with insights about new developments in the field. Several examples and simulation studies will be presented.



        The Evolving Role of Non-survey Data in Official Statistics 

        Organizer: Susie Fortier, Statistics Canada
        Speaker: Jack Gambino, Statistics Canada





SESSION 1: Integration of probability and non-probability samples
               Organizer: Jean-François Beaumont, Statistics Canada

                     Changbao Wu, University of Waterloo
                     Kenneth Chu, Statistics Canada
                     Marie-Hélène Felt, Bank of Canada

SESSION 2: Measuring the Quality of Multisource Statistics
               Organizer: Wesley Yung, Statistics Canada

                    John L. Eltinge, U.S. Census Bureau
                    Susie Fortier, Statistics Canada
                    Hannah Finselbach, Office for National Statistics

SESSION 3: Modeling, Imputation and non-response
               Organizers: Kim Huynh, Bank of Canada and Susie Fortier, Statistics Canada

                     Katherine J. Thompson, U.S. Census Bureau
                     Valéry Dongmo Jiongo, Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation
                     Geneviène Vezina, Statistique Canada






Tuesday, February 5, 2019

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