Message from the President

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An update on SSC activities

The SSC Endowment Fund

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 Report from the Fundraising Committee

Transparency and oversight of SSC financial processes

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Highlights of the report

Global Data Crunch Looms

IInternational Data Science in Schools Project

A project to transform the way that data science is taught in the last two years of secondary school


The Status of Statistics Education in Canada

Postsecondary student and curricular data used to examine postsecondary Statistics Education in Canada and to inform the design of Statistics programs.

Perceptions of retirement could have negative impacts

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Report of the Ontario Retirement Survey (ORS)

CANSSI News and Deadlines

Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute

Updates from CANSSI

News from the University of British Columbia

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UBC Welcomes Trevor Campbell

News from University of Toronto

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"Upping Our Game” with six brilliant new hires

News from McGill University

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(Bio)Statistics Research Day

News from the University of Waterloo

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A welcome to two new faculty members

University of Waterloo receives $3.7 million grant

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$3.7M  for AI and Medical Imaging Project

Society of Actuaries Research Grant Awarded

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THe University of Waterloo awarded grant

The National Institute of Statistical Sciences (NISS) Award Granted

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Matthias Schonlau wins the 2018 NISS Distinguished Alumni Award

Job Announcement - University of Waterloo

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Open Position in Actuarial Science

More Job Announcements - University of Waterloo

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Open Positions in Statistics, Biostatistics or Data Science

Job Announcements - York University

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Assistant Professor Positions, Professorial and Alternate Streams