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Robert PLattJuly 1 is the official new year for the Society, so this is my first message as President of the Society. I've had a great year as President-Elect, working with a very effective Executive and Board. It's become clear to me that the SSC is a very well-run organization due to our history of exceptional contributions from a long list of volunteers.  It's great to be taking over from Hugh Chipman, who's left the Society in great shape as President, and will now serve a term as Past-President. Hugh, Jack Gambino (who's just completed his term as Past-President), and the rest of the Board have set a great precedent and helped me get my bearings.  I look forward to working with Hugh and the rest of the team to keep the SSC moving forward.

The Annual Meeting in Montreal was a great success; it was great to host the meeting at McGill. Thanks to Russ Steele and Andrea Benedetti for local organization and a fantastic social program, and to Matias Salibian-Barrera and the program committee for a stimulating meeting.  It's great too, to have had the JSM in Vancouver this year, with Christian Leger as Program Chair.  Finally, I look forward to next year's SSC Annual Meeting in Calgary, with Alex De Leon and Karen Kopciuk as local organizing committee chairs and Lisa Lix as Program Chair. 

There are a few transitions at the SSC.  In the coming weeks you'll be hearing more from Aksana Korziuk, who is taking over as Executive Assistant.  Thanks to Larysa Valachko for her service to the Society. Miaclaire Woodland will stay on for a few months to assist with the transition and to help Aksana get up to speed.  I would like to say congratulations and welcome to the new board members and other elected representatives, and thank you to those who have volunteered for committee memberships. I am still filling out the various committee vacancies, so you will probably hear from me again! 

I look forward to an exciting year for the SSC.  I have ideas for some new initiatives, and hope to continue the high standard of organization that the SSC is used to!  

Robert Platt, SSC President

Monday, August 13, 2018

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