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Spotlight on a CANSSI Program – Distinguished Visitor Program

Did you know that CANSSI’s Distinguished Visitor Program can help you invite a leading international scientist to your university? As part of their visit, the scientist should give a 1-hour lecture for a general audience and take time to meet with the researchers and graduate students at your university. The visit can be for a day or two or even be combined with a longer visit/trip. Previous lectures are available on our YouTube channel. We accept applications for this program three times a year: March 31, July 31 and November 30.

New CANSSI Health Science Collaborating Centres

CANSSI is extremely pleased to welcome four new Health Science Collaborating Centres (HSCCs) to our national network. These four centres join the seven already existing HSCCs across the country. The new centres are:

Maritime Statistical and Health Sciences Collaborating Centre (MSHSCC)

MSHSCC has four Directors – Ying Zhang (Acadia University), Renjun Ma (University of New Brunswick), Bruce Smith (Dalhousie University) and Henrik Stryhn (University Prince Edward Island). The Maritimes have a very long health research history and rich research resources. There are various health organizations, medical faculties, and health research centres/networks. One advantage in the Maritime region is the well-organized and comprehensive provincial healthcare databases that motivate many evidence-based health research projects. These projects often require significant data linkage, data processing, and high quality statistical analyses and modelling procedures. Hence, in this region, there is a high demand for collaboration between health researchers and statistical scientists.

The research groups from Acadia University, Dalhousie University, University of New Brunswick and the University of Prince Edward Island have active faculty researchers and students with access to excellent facilities. Specific research outcomes range from methodological developments in areas such as pharmacoepidemiology and drug safety, patient reported research outcomes, and human genetics, to knowledge translation tools such as novel clinical decision support systems and open source statistical packages. The mission of MSHSCC is to strengthen ties among our statistical science programs and our regional/provincial health organizations. This will make our students more competitive in the employment market and build research capacity in health sciences research, leading to improvements in health care.

SFU Health Sciences and Statistics Collaborating Centre (SFU-HSSCC)

SFU-HSSCC is led by Lawrence McCandless, Joan Hu, Jinko Graham, Hui Xie, Bohdan Nosky and Brad MacNeney. This group will undertake planning activities that will leverage existing expertise, talent, resources and partnerships related to biostatistics and population and public health at Simon Fraser University.  For example, SFU has internationally recognized leaders in the field who have track records of mentoring graduate students with support of peer-reviewed funding (e.g CANSSI Collaborative Research Team Grant co-PI Joan Hu and NSERC and CIHR).  Moreover, many of these researchers already collaborate with one another as demonstrated by students and joint publications in biostatistics.   SFU offers a diverse suite of courses in the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Sciences. Finally, SFU has identified Big Data approaches as a strategic priority and target for investment, including through the KEY Big Data initiative.

Montreal Health Statistics Centre (MHS)

Led by Director Yogendra Chaubey and Associate Director Simon Bacon, members of MHS include Habib Benali, Cohen-Adad,  Lisa Kakinami, Jean-Marc Lina and Yan Liu. MHS brings together Concordia University, Ecole de Technologie Supérieure, Montreal Behavioural Medicine Centre, PERFORM Centre and Polytechnique Montreal.

The group at the Montreal Health Statistics Centre are a combination of internationally recognized leaders in biostatistics and theoretical statistics, and researchers focused on applying complex methodologies and statistical techniques in epidemiology/bioengineering for their health implications. Core MHS members have extensively collaborated with researchers in the health sciences. This is a testament to the members’ dedication to multidisciplinary research with a focus on improving health. The objectives of the MHS are (1) to serve as the hub connecting Statistics students and faculty members with health researchers, (2) to continue to develop and expand upon existing multidisciplinary collaborations between our network members with health organizations and (3) to train Statistics students in methodologies relevant for health research. These objectives are central to the MHS mission of enhancing the education and training of their students to best prepare them for successfully entering the workforce or pursuing higher education. By focusing on ensuring students are well trained in formal coursework and supplementary training specific to biostatistics, the research quality of the MHS members and students will only continue to increase.

CANSSI Saskatchewan Health Science Collaborating Centre (CANSSI-SHSCC)

An intiative of the University of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan, the steering committee for CANSSI-SHSCC consists of Cindy Feng, Shahedul Khan, Juxin Liu, Nathaniel Osgood, Michael Szafron and Yang Zhao. CANSSI-SHSCC’s main partners include the Saskatchewan Health Authority, the Saskatchewan Centre for Patient-Oriented Research and the Canadian Center for Health and Safety in Agriculture. With expertise in big data science, methods for patient-oriented outcomes and dynamic modeling, this group will provide experiential learning environment to trainees at all levels. In addition, student poster events are planned for August 2018 and February 2019.

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