SSC Fundraising in 2017 a Success!

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In the SSC’s First Annual Fundraising Drive, which took place in 2016, the past presidents were invited to make substantial gifts to a matching fund, and did so with great generosity, to a total of over \$31,305. Other members were then invited to contribute, in support of the educational and outreach mission of the SSC.  By the end of 2016 altogether \$42,420 had been collected. To build on this achievement, the current Fundraising Committee was formed following the SSC Annual Meeting of 2017, with a mandate to “plan, publicize and conduct fundraising activities”, “work with the Executive and Board to identify, promote and monitor projects to be supported”, and plan, monitor and report the financial aspects.


In 2017 the members again responded with heartening enthusiasm to the appeal for donations with membership renewals.  Over the course of the year there were at least 114 individual donors and more than 126 individual donations, for a total of \$13,893 received; and further 2018 renewal donations of \$820 have arrived after the end of 2017.  The total pool of funds raised now stands at over \$55,000!


It has been proposed that, at least to begin with, a majority of the funds will be dedicated to funding specific initiatives in education and outreach.  Some will be used for ongoing projects such as Census@Schools, and the use of Hootsuite for SSC Public Relations, while some will be allocated to one-time initiatives, like the Canada 150 Contest.   A first competition round for proposals with range \$500-5000 has recently been concluded. 

The winning projects are:

  1. International Data Science in Schools ProjectCanadian Contribution (Alison Gibbs, Raymond Ng and Wesley Burr): Supporting Canadian participation in an international project to develop curriculum for the introduction of data science to high school students and their educators. 
  2.  Creating a Canadian national competition website and promotional video for the International Statistical Literacy Project poster competition (SSC Statistics Education Committee, Chair Sohee Kang):  In addition to creating a website and a video, the project will promote the competition to school boards. 
  3. Developing a commenting/rating functionality for StatSpace, a platform for statistics learning resources developed at UBC, to help expand the reach of StatSpace nationally and internationally (Bruce Dunham and Nancy Heckman).

Plans for the next competition round will be announced after the SSC Annual Meeting in June 2018.


As well, at its meeting of March 16, 2018, the Board accepted the recommendation of the Fundraising Committee to use \$20,000 from donated funds to start an endowment (permanent fund) with the Ottawa Community Foundation.  It is hoped both to grow these funds and to use the existence of the endowment to attract planned gifts and corporate donations.  The disbursement to the SSC will be 4.25% each year, and the service fee will be 1.5%,  with any return from the fund above 5.75% being added to the principal.


Many thanks to SSC donors for making all of this possible!

Mary Thompson, Jack Gambino and Robert Platt


Friday, April 13, 2018

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