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Spotlight on a CANSSI Program – Support for Undergraduate Datathons

CANSSI would like to encourage undergraduate participation in datathon or hackathon competitions. Last year, we helped support three such events: ASA DataFests at the universities of Toronto and Waterloo and VanSASH at Simon Fraser University.

The ASA DataFest is a well-established datathon, founded at UCLA in 2011. It’s a weekend event, where undergraduates wrangle and analyze data, prepare a two-slide presentation and try to impress the judges. Prizes are awarded for Best in Show, Best Visualization and Best Use of External Data. The ASA provides a new database each year and their website includes an excellent planning guide. Check out this map to see all the schools taking part in 2018.

Alternatively, you could come up with your own event like the students in the Sports Analytics Club at SFU did.  Dani Chu, Abe Adeeb and Lucas Wu organized an impressive event that they called the Vancouver Sports Analytics Symposium and Hackathon (VanSASH). The two-day event included various talks along with a hackathon where students worked with hockey, soccer and basketball data.

CANSSI member institutes can take advantage of a streamlined funding application process. Why not start planning an event like this for the next school year? Learn more about the Support for Undergraduate Datathons online.



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Postdoctoral Positions and Employment Ads

Did you know that CANSSI maintains a list of graduate and postdoctoral fellowship positions from all around the world? Currently, there are quite a few postings in biostatistics. Feel free to send us your ads at

CANSSI also maintains a list of employment ads for our member institutes and partners. If you’re looking for a faculty or research position, that’s the place to go.


CANSSI’s Annual General Meeting

Join us at CANSSI’s Annual General Meeting. Have your say in how CANSSI continues to grow and evolve. Represent your university and make sure your vote is counted!
This year’s meeting is at 4pm on June 2, 2018 at McGill University. See our website for more details.


CANSSI Annual Report 2017

Our 2017 Annual Report is available online. Find out what the Collaborative Research Teams were up to. Read about CANSSI-sponsored workshops or learn about the CANSSI postdoctoral fellows. In it, you can see all the exciting things that happened in 2017.



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