2018 Case Studies in Data Analysis Competition

SSC 2018 Annual Meeting


There is still time to register for the Case Studies competition! The deadline is May 2, 2018. Teams interested in participating in the Case Studies competition must e-mail the Chair of the Case Studies in Data Analysis Committee, Dr. Lisa Lix (lisa.lix@umanitoba.ca). Please provide a listing of all team members, their e-mail addresses, and the number of the case study on which the team will work.

The case studies for this year are:
Case Study 1
Does survey design information matter? Assessing the impact on population estimates of hypertension in Canada

Teams that select this case study will use synthetic data from the Canadian Health Measures Survey to assess the impact of using and not using survey design information when producing estimates of hypertension from this unique national health survey.

Case Study 2
What Predicts the Popularity of TED Talks?

Teams that select this case study will use data from the TED website to investigate characteristics that contribute to the popularity of motivational and inspirational talks on a variety of topics. This case study will require the use of a variety of tools to develop measures from text-based data and to analyze these data.

Each team will present a poster of their analysis results, along with a short oral presentation, to teams of judges at the Annual Meeting. Data for each case study can be found on the Annual Meeting website



Thursday, April 19, 2018

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