Survey Methods Section Program for SSC 2018

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Survey Methods Section Program for SSC 2018

The Survey Methods Section (SMS) is pleased once again to be directly involved in the SSC annual meeting by offering a full-day workshop, a presidential invited address, three invited sessions and several contributed sessions. We would like to encourage our members and others interested in survey methods to attend. In addition, the section is sponsoring an award for the best student presentation in the field of Survey Methodology. Students who are presenting at the annual meeting are encouraged to submit their paper to the SMS. You could win a $300 award! Visit our website for more information.

Here are some details on the SMS program for the 2018 SSC annual meeting:

For the 2018 SSC meeting in Montreal, Survey Methods Section will organize three invited sessions, one Presidential Invited Address session, and one workshop. Details of activities are below:

WORKSHOP – Statistical Modeling in Survey Sampling: Some Solutions to Ever Increasing Demand for Reliable Data
Organizer: Mahmoud Torabi, University of Manitoba
Speaker: Gauri S. Datta, University of Georgia and US Census Bureau

In recent years, demand for reliable small area estimates has greatly increased worldwide due to, among other things, their growing use in formulating policies and programs and the allocation of government funds, regional planning, small area business decisions and similar applications. Traditional area-specific direct estimators may not provide acceptable precision for small areas because sample sizes in small areas are seldom large enough. This makes it necessary to "borrow strength" across related areas through indirect estimators based on implicit or explicit linking models, using auxiliary information such as recent census data and current administrative data. Methods based on explicit linking models are now widely accepted. The need to provide reliable small area statistics has led to considerable methodological developments in the past 25 years or so on model-based indirect estimation that "borrows strength" from related areas and thus increases the "effective" sample sizes in the small areas.
In this workshop, we will concentrate on recent developments for small area estimation that are based on area and unit levels models. We will illustrate these results via examples published in the literature, or that are based on Canadian data available at Statistics Canada. We will also demonstrate how these results can be obtained using statistical software for small area estimation.

Measures of Uncertainty for Complex Inference in Surveys
Organizer: Mahmoud Torabi, University of Manitoba
Speaker: Jiming Jiang, University of California



SESSION 1: New Inferential Procedures for Complex Survey Data
Organizers: David Haziza, University of Montreal and Changbao Wu, University of Waterloo
- Puying Zhao, University of Waterloo
- Sixia Chen, University of Oklahoma
- Kelly McConville, Swarthmore College

SESSION 2: New Developments in Small Area Estimation
Organizer: Mahmoud Torabi, University of Manitoba
- Andrew Lawson, Medical University of South Carolina
- Louis-Paul Rivest, Université Laval
- Snigdhansu Chatterjee, University of Minnesota

SESSION 3: Combining Data from Probability and Non-Probability Samples
Organizer: Wesley Yung, Statistics Canada
- Jae Kwang Kim, Iowa State University
- Golshid Chatrchi, Statistics Canada
- Li-Chun Zhang, University of Southampton

Thursday, January 11, 2018

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