SSC 2018 – The 46th Annual Meeting of the Statistical Society of Canada

SSC 2018 Annual Meeting

The 46th Annual Meeting of the Statistical Society of Canada  (SSC 2018) will be held at the McGill University, Montreal, Québec from June 3 to June 6, 2018. As in the last few years, the Canadian Statistics Students Conference will take place on the Saturday (June 2) before the Annual Meeting, also at McGill University. The SSC 2018 Local Arrangements Chairs, Russell Steele and Andrea Benedetti of McGill University and the Program Chair, Matias Salibian-Barrera of The University of British Columbia have organized an exciting conference. A first look at the events and sessions is now available.











About the University and Conference Location
McGill University, home to 40000 students, was founded in 1821. McGill’s alumni includes 12 Nobel laureates, 144 Rhodes Scholars, five astronauts and three Canadian prime ministers. There are two main groups of statisticians at McGill: those based in the department of Mathematics and Statistics (located on the lower campus in Burnside Hall) and those based in the department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics & Occupational Health (located in Purvis Hall on the upper campus). There are also several statisticians located in other departments, such as economics, psychology and management.
The conference will be hosted on and about the University’s main campus in downtown Montreal.

Social Events
Again following established tradition, the Meeting will open with a reception on Sunday evening in the La Grande Place of the Complexe Desjardins, a 15- minute walk from McGill University, and easily accessible by metro.
The banquet will be held in the same location on Tuesday evening.
The Student BBQ will be held on Monday evening at a local park.

Local Attractions
Montreal is a great city to visit. There are many museums, great shopping in its underground city, fantastic restaurants and an exciting nightlife, and many other things to see and do. Check out to see all the possibilities!
Montreal is a city of festivals during the summer months and early June is no exception – the Chamber Music Festival runs June 1-17 and the Go Bike Montreal Festival runs May 27-June 3, among others.

Montreal is easily accessible by direct flights from most major Canadian airports. Pierre Trudeau International airport is conveniently located. A public bus connects the airport to downtown via bus (45 min, \$10).  A taxi will cost \$40.
Montreal is a very walkable city, with great public transportation and a bike rental program.

Blocks of rooms are available at hotels located in downtown Montreal, as well as at the residences of McGill University. There are many options at varying prices and distances from McGill University. See for a list of options.
More detailed information with links to accommodation, travel and social events, as well as registration and the scientific program are available from the conference website. We look forward to seeing everyone in Montreal!



A number of workshops organized by the Sections of the Society will run concurrently on Sunday, June 3rd. The first plenary session starts Monday morning with the Presidential Invited Address, this year by Yoshua Bengio. That evening there is the Welcome Reception. The scientific program features both Committee- and Section-sponsored invited sessions, sessions with contributed papers and posters, as well as Case Studies Competition.

Five workshops are organized for Sunday, June 3rd. For a detailed description of these training activities, which are open to all meeting registrants including students, see Workshops on the meeting website

Biostatistics Workshop
Title: Causal questions and principled answers: a guide through the landscape for practising statisticians
Taught by: The Causal Inference Topic Group of the STRATOS (STRengthening Analytical Thinking for Observational Studies) Initiative,
including Els Goetghebeur (Ghent University, Belgium), Saskia le Cessie (Leiden University, Netherlands), and Erica Moodie (McGill University, Montreal)

Business and Industrial Statistics Workshop
Title: Deep Learning
Speaker: Laurent Charlin (HEC Montreal), Mike Pieper (MILA, Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms, University of Montreal), Arsène Tchango (MILA) and Margaux Luck (MILA)

Probability Workshop
Title: Introduction to Monte Carlo Methods
Speaker: Aaron Smith, University of Ottawa

Statistical Education Workshop
Title: Teaching Modern Statistics and Data Science with R/ RStudio
Speaker: Nicholas Horton, Amherst College

Survey Methods Workshop
Title: Statistical Modeling in Survey Sampling: Some Solutions to Ever Increasing Demand for Reliable Data
Speaker: Gauri S. Datta, University of Georgia and US Census Bureau



SSC Presidential Invited Address:
Yoshua Bengio, University of Montreal






SSC Gold Medal Address:
Richard Cook, University of Waterloo







SSC 2017 Impact Award Address:
Carl Schwarz, Simon Fraser University.







SSC 2016 Impact Award Address:
Jim Hanley, McGill University







Business and Industrial Statistics - Isobel Loutit Invited Address:
Karen Kafadar, University of Virginia





Statistical Education Presidential Invited Address:
Nicholas Horton, Amherst College





Survey Methods - Presidential Invited Address Session:
Jiming Jiang, UC Davis











New Investigators

Recent Research of New Investigators in Statistics Across Canada

Hua Shen

University of Calgary

NSERC, CIHR and Beyond: Securing Funding as a New Investigator

Audrey Béliveau

University of British Columbia

Women in Statistics

Analyses of Big/Large Health Data: Challenges and Strategies

Joan Hu

Simon Fraser University

CANSSI PDF showcase

Showcase of Recent Work by CANSSI Postdoctoral Fellows

Aaron Smith

University of Ottawa

CANSSI Data Science

Statistical Research and Applications in Data Science

Jean-Francois Plante

HEC Montreal

CANSSI Health Science

CIHR and statistical science (panel session)

Mary E. Thompson

University of Waterloo

ICSA - Canada Chapter (International Chinese Statistical Association)

New Inferential Procedures for Data with Complex Structures

Changbao Wu

University of Waterloo

Accreditation Committee


Kevin Keen

The University of Northern British Columbia









High-dimensional statistics and high-frequency data analysis in finance

Tony Wirjanto

University of Waterloo

Measurement of Risks and Tail Events

Mélina Mailhot

Concordia University

Machine Learning and Actuarial Science

Etienne Marceau

Laval University

Graduate Student Research in Actuarial Science

David Landriault

University of Waterloo


Machine Learning in Biology & Medicine

Rob Deardon

University of Calgary

New Statistical Methods in Complex Genetic Trait Studies

Fabrice Larribe

University of Quebec at Montreal

Causal Inference and Missing Data Methods for the Analysis of Treatment Effects in Clustered Data

Mireille Schnitzer

University of Montreal

Recent Developments in Personalized Medicine and Dynamic Treatment Regimes

Michael Wallace

University of Waterloo


Isobel Loutit Invited Address

Shirley E. Mills

Carleton University

Making connections with industry: Resources and advice

John Braun

The University of British Columbia

CJS issue on Big Data

Jean-Francois Plante

HEC Montreal

Randomized Control Trials and Evidence-based Decision-making in Government

Lehana Thabane

McMaster University


Limit Order Book

Anatoliy Swischuk

University of Calgary

Distribution-free testing for discrete distributions

Priscilla Greenwood

The University of British Columbia

Probabilistic Aspects of Reliability Theory and Applications

N. Balakrishnan

McMaster University

Limit theorems in change-point analysis

Yuliya Martsynyuk

University of Manitoba


Showcase: Technology in the Classroom

Jim Stallard

University of Calgary

Teaching statistics to graduate students in the health and social sciences

Nicholas Mitsakakis

University of Toronto

Canadian Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) in Statistics

Bethany White

University of Toronto

Presidential Invited Address -
" Big ideas to help statistics students learn to ‘think with data’ "

Bruce Dunham

The University of British Columbia


New Inferential Procedures for Complex Survey Data

Changbao Wu

University of Waterloo

New Developments in Small Area Estimation

Mahmoud Torabi

University of Manitoba

Combining Data from Probability and Non-Probability Samples

Wesley Yung

Statistics Canada

Presidential Invited Address

Mahmoud Torabi

University of Manitoba










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