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Collaborative Research Teams

We are pleased to announce support for three new Collaborative Research Teams:

Statistical​ ​Methods​ ​for​ Challenging​ Problems​ ​in​ ​Public​ Health​ Microbiology, with team leaders Leonid Chindelevitch, SFU and Alexandre Bouchard-Côté, UBC and partners at Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Sainte-Justine, Western U, U de Montréal, and SFU;


Spatial Modeling of Infectious Diseases: Environment and Health, with team leader Mahmoud Torabi, U Manitoba, and partners at U Waterloo, U Saskatchewan, U Calgary, U Alberta, Public Health Agency of Canada and U de Montréal;




Towards Sustainable Fisheries: State Space Assessment Models for Complex Fisheries and Biological Data, with team leader Joanna Mills Flemming, Dalhousie, and partners at UBC, U Geneva, DTU Denmark, U Laval, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology.



The competition for CRTs was very robust this year, and we are pleased with the high quality of the proposals. We look forward to continuing to build collaborative research programs with statistical leadership.


CANSSI’s Strategic Plan

CANSSI has been focussing on strategic planning over the past several months, and a draft strategic plan is now available to all our stakeholders for their comments and suggestions. We are eager to hear your thoughts on how CANSSI can continue to evolve and grow over the next several years. Please send any comments to


CANSSI Annual General Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting will take place on Saturday, June 2, 2018 in Montreal; as usual just preceding the SSC Annual Meeting. During the SSC meeting, CANSSI will sponsor three invited paper sessions, including a “PDF Showcase”, a session on Statistical Research and Applications in Data Science, and a health sciences panel. In addition the Industrial Innovation Committee will present a BISS-sponsored session.


CANSSI Data Science Committee

Our newly established Data Science Committee, chaired by Jean-François Plante, submitted its first report to the Board in November. This gives a helpful overview of the relationship between statistics and data science, and a number of suggestions for CANSSI to develop its data science efforts. They emphasize in particular that part of the research agenda in data science belongs to statistics, and we should take control of it. Concrete suggestions to enable this included sessions on data science at statistical meetings, interface conferences and workshops, summer schools and other training, nurturing links with industry, and proposing funding programs that are designed to promote data science. Feel free to send your ideas to Jean-François Plante or Nancy Reid at any time.


CANSSI Health Science Committee

The Health Science Committee, chaired by Mary Thompson, has been very actively engaging our network of Health Science Collaborating Centres. Mary and Nancy have also been in touch with leadership at CIHR and NSERC to discuss collaborative activities. CANSSI is also pleased to announce our new health science mailing list (, created to discuss issues, advertise conferences or workshops, or post employment offers related to both Health Sciences and Statistics. It’s similar to the SSC mailing lists in that subscribers can post to the list and non-subscriber posts must be approved before they’ll be sent. To subscribe to this new list, send an email to


CANSSI Deadlines

Upcoming deadlines are always available at The following programs have deadlines coming up soon:


CANSSI also maintains pages with employment opportunities at our member institutions and postdoctoral opportunities across the country. Feel free to send us your posts any time!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

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